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Almaty hit by heavy rain and windstorm 09 июня 2015, 22:59

Heavy rains and winds have hit Kazakhstan's Almaty in the past two days.
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©Tengrinews ©Tengrinews

On June 9 several streets have been flooded after a torrential rain in Almaty, Tengrinews reports.

Since morning, traffic was difficult on Al-Farabi Avenue and in the lower part of the city, in particular on Tole bi Street, Rayimbek and Ryskulov Avenues. Traffic was also difficult on the Eastern bypass road in westerly direction. As a result, long traffic jams formed.

Photo courtesy of Irina Karpova

"Traffic is impossible on Al-Farabi in both directions under the bridge on Furmanov street, the water is up to one&rsquos waist. Several cars have stalled and practically blocked the traffic. Find another route," one of the users wrote on social networks.

Tengrinews video

Video courtesy of Irina Karpova

Yesterday, on June 8, strong winds uprooted several trees in Almaty damaging several cars, according to the Department of Emergency Situations (DES) of the city.

Strong gusty winds reached 13 meters per second in the upper part of the city. In the lower part of the city, near the airport, the wind speed exceeded 18 meters per second. According to DES, 23 distress calls were received from residents of the city about various emergencies that occurred due to the hurricane.

Photo courtesy of Ayan Mauletkhan

"The Department of Emergency Situations reported six fallen trees dealing damage to three cars, nine electric cables breaks, three cases of partial tearing off of roofs on five-storey houses - with a total area of 110 square meters. One woman called 103 to seek medical help," the DES informed.

The department reminded that they announced a storm warning in connection with the heavy rain forecast just a day before. It was reported that due to the heavy rains, rain floods and mudflows were expected in some rivers of Almaty Oblast.

"Therefore, we ask the residents, visitors and tourists of Almaty to refrain from trips to the mountains and to take all the necessary precautions to avoid emergency situations," they said.

Reporting by Aizhan Tugelbayeva, writing by Dinara Urazova



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