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22.04.2014 12:37 Crime
A series of raids west of Buenos Aires yielded 250 arrests and unearthed firearms and drugs, police said Monday, the second such operation in as many weeks.
30.01.2014 11:29 Crime
London police on Wednesday charged a woman with attempted murder following terror raids on three properties that also led to the arrest of the teenage son of a senior British diplomat.
13.12.2013 15:46 Unrest
Ukraine's opposition called Thursday for a mass weekend rally, as pro-European demonstrators sought to increase the pressure on President Viktor Yanukovych following a failed police raid.
29.10.2013 10:20 Unrest
Thirty-five bodies in military uniform have been brought to a morgue in Nigeria's restive northeast after a coordinated assault by Boko Haram targeting the security forces.
24.05.2013 16:44 Crime
British police made two further arrests Thursday and raided houses across London following the brutal murder of a serving soldier who survived a tour of duty in Afghanistan.
03.09.2012 17:01 Politics
Australia Monday flatly rejected comments from Afghan President Hamid Karzai that a recent night-time raid which left two men dead was carried out without the approval of local authorities.
01.09.2012 11:42 Art, Books
The Pentagon has not decided whether a book by a former US Navy SEAL on the raid that killed Osama bin Laden exposes state secrets but it is keeping its legal options open.
28.07.2012 11:03 Military
The US military raid that killed Osama bin Laden was the "easiest" of three steps that led to the Al-Qaeda chief's death, the special forces commander who supervised the clandestine mission has said.