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Family with little children living in forest taken to crisis center in Uralsk


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In Uralsk, a family with three little children was living in a forest, Tengrinews reports citing Moi Gorod.

In Uralsk, a family with three little children was living in a forest, Tengrinews reports citing Moi Gorod.

The family settled in a tent four km away from cabins on the shore of the Ural river.

Nastya Yeremina, 24 and her husband Repek Absimetov, 44 had been living in the forest since the beginning of summer. Their children 1.5 y.o. Kamilla, 3 y.o. Karina and 6 y.o. Albina too were living with their parents. Before that the family lived with Yereimina’s mother, but after an argument they had to leave and settled in the forest. Her husband is working as a loader. He came from Tashkent, Uzbekistan without any proper documents.

In the forest, the family survived on gathering mushrooms and water from the nearest well. Sometimes they even took water from the river and then boiled it to drink. According to the journalists who visited the family, despite the cool weather, children were dressed lightly. The little girls looked like they had not had a proper bath in a long time. But their mother assured that she took the children to a bath at her friend’s carbine.

Later, the mother and daughters were brought to local hospital. After that the family was taken to a crisis center for women. After four days in the hospital the little girls looked much better. “The committee made a decision on taking the family with the kids to the crisis center. Though, the solution is temporary. They will be residing at the center for 30 days. Within this period, the mother has to find a job. The 6 y.o. Albina will attend pre-school. The committee from the local Akimat (Municipal authorities) will consider ways to help the family with housing. (…) Depriving Nastya of parental rights is out of question,” the Head of Juvenile Police Gulshat Gusmanova said.

Nastya herself said that they did not intent to stay at the center for a long time. “We were brought to the center temporarily. We will stay here and then I will start looking for a job. Children like the fact that they are no longer outside. (…) As for my husband, I do not know where he is, because I have not seen him since October 10,” the mother said.

She added that they were promised help with housing. But the dates are not yet known.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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