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Новости по теме: nurse По вашему запросу найдено: 9 материалов
05.07.2014 14:55 Unrest
A group of 46 Indian nurses who were trapped in an area of Iraq seized by Islamic militants were set to be welcomed home by anxious relatives Saturday after being freed from the rebel-held city of Mosul.
04.07.2014 14:53 Unrest
A group of 46 Indian nurses trapped in Iraq are to be freed, one of them told AFP Friday, in a rare piece of positive news in a crisis threatening "Syria-like chaos".
10.04.2014 10:30 Crime
A Chinese woman has been detained for killing two children at a preschool nursery and making 30 others ill with poisoned food, state media said.
29.03.2014 11:14 Health
A male nurse has been charged with the murder of three patients who were poisoned with contaminated medical products at a British hospital, police said.
26.02.2014 11:44 Health
Investigations in nine European countries have given statistical backing to claims that patients' lives may be at risk when nurses are overworked.
03.02.2014 15:56 Crime
A South Kazakhstani woman who sold her 4 children is pregnant again.
16.05.2013 13:47 Crime
Al-Farabi regional court has sentenced two former nurses of Shymkent perinatal center No.1 to 8 years in jail for an attempt to sell a newborn.
06.02.2013 15:07 Crime
Nurses of Shymkent perinatal center No.1 in south Kazakhstan are suspected of an attempt to sell a newborn.
07.03.2012 15:01 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev visited Nazarbayev University on March 1.