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Technological parks will surround Nazarbayev University 07 марта 2012, 15:01

Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev visited Nazarbayev University on March 1.
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Laboratory in Nazarbayev University. Photo courtesy of pm.kz Laboratory in Nazarbayev University. Photo courtesy of pm.kz
Technological parks will be created around Nazarbayev University, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev as saying after his visit to the university. “There are several science schools here: biology, engineering, chemistry. There will be other schools in future. People with high-quality education will graduate from the University. They will get an education equal to the one offered by the leading universities of the world. They will get an opportunity to use their knowledge in practice. To help them find jobs, we will create special technological parks around this university, so that the graduates can make their scientific achievements and implement them in the technological parks. After that they will be able to move into businesses,” the President said after his visit to Nazarbayev University. "Science and knowledge is what makes a difference between developed and developing countries. If we are astride the science and the knowledge, we will develop quickly. That’s why development of this university and improvement of other universities in the country are becoming major objectives of our country,” the President added. Nazarbayev also noted that a major part of the university’s professors had graduated from foreign universities with the state-funded Bolashak scholarship to cover their tuition fees.That is why he believed that the state had not wasted the money educating them. The President said that the country benefited a lot from them.

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