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Kim Jong-Un and Ri Sol-Ju. ©REUTERS North Korea's 'first lady' debut highlights secrecy As celebrity wedding announcements go, North Korea's was terse. It was probably also three years out of date.
30 июля 2012
Photo courtesy of @gdnlondon2012 Olympics: North Korea flag blunder mars day one London's Olympics got off to an embarrassing start Wednesday when North Korea's women footballers refused to play after a mix-up over their national flag, in one of a series of blunders.
26 июля 2012
©REUTERS Olympics kick off but flag error sparks protest Britain's women footballers kicked off the 2012 Olympics on Wednesday, two days before the opening ceremony, but controversy erupted later over a mistake with the North Korean flag.
26 июля 2012
Wife of N. Korea's Kim is former singer: S. Korea media The wife of North Korea's Kim Jong-Un is a former singer who caught the leader's eye while she was giving a performance, South Korean media said Thursday after Pyongyang disclosed the marriage.
26 июля 2012
Massive police state controls N.Korea: study North Korea's notoriously harsh secret police consists of vast and sometimes competing agencies that will pose a major challenge to any potential attempts at reform.
20 июля 2012
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. ©REUTERS/KCNA KCNA Kim eyes reform in purge of N. Korea old guard: analysts North Korea's young leader has been purging older generals in an attempt to curb the power of the 1.2-million-strong military and potentially open the way for economic reforms, analysts said Thursday.
19 июля 2012
N. Korea army chief removed from all posts North Korea's army chief has been relieved of all his posts due to illness, state media said Monday, in a surprise development that removes one of new leader Kim Jong-Un's inner circle.
16 июля 2012
Photo courtesy of North Korea show used Mickey without Disney approval North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un's nuclear program already has the world's attention but the young dictator has now defied the owner of one of America's most famous exports -- Mickey Mouse.
11 июля 2012
Soldiers stand in front of the podium with portraits of North Korea founder Kim Il-sung and the late leader Kim Jong-il. ©REUTERS/Bobby Yip Kim Jong-Il ordered uranium bombs: reports The late North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il ordered his scientists to produce "a massive amount" of uranium bombs, according to internal regime documents, reports in Japan said Monday.
02 июля 2012
©REUTERS/KCNA KCNA Pyongyang parade's fake missiles and smuggled Mercedes: UN North Korea may have put fake versions of a new missile on display at a major military parade this year, UN sanctions experts said in a report.
01 июля 2012
Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry commented North Korean nuclear tests ban Kazakhstan welcomes North Korean ban of nuclear weapons tests: official representative.
06 марта 2012

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