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China bans exports of nuclear-use technology to North Korea China has banned exports to North Korea of a range of technologies that could be used to build weapons.
15 июня 2016
North Korea sanction loopholes give China room for manoeuvre New United Nations sanctions against nuclear-armed North Korea leave plenty of room for China to continue business as usual.
03 марта 2016
Moscow warns US over missile system deployment to S. Korea Moscow warned Washington that deployment of a US missile defence system to South Korea could spark an arms race in the region.
10 февраля 2016
US missile shield spotlights divisions on handling N. Korea Official moves towards the deployment -- fiercely opposed by China -- of a US missile defence system in South Korea highlight the inherent dangers of disunity in dealing with North Korea's growing military threat.
08 февраля 2016
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan condemns North Korea's nuclear test Kazakhstan denounced North Korea’s test of hydrogen bomb and violation of UN Security Council’s nonproliferation resolutions.
06 января 2016
Does North Korea have 'H' or 'A' bomb? North Korea said it had successfully tested a miniature hydrogen bomb. If confirmed, this would place it among a small group of countries with such dangerous weapons.
06 января 2016
UN chief Ban Ki-moon to visit North Korea: Yonhap UN chief Ban Ki-moon will visit North Korea this week for a likely meeting with the nuclear-armed state's diplomatically reclusive leader
16 ноября 2015
Traumatic final farewell for reunited Korean families North and South Korean families divided by war for more than 60 years said a final, traumatic farewell after a reunion event that, for most, marked the last time they will ever see each other.
22 октября 2015
Obama, Park ready to 'engage' North Korea US President Barack Obama and his South Korean counterpart stressed their readiness to "engage" nuclear-armed North Korea Friday, albeit with conditions.
17 октября 2015
North Korea at UN calls for peace treaty North Korea's foreign minister told the United Nations that a peace treaty was urgently needed to prevent a repeat of the military standoff that rattled Asia two months ago.
02 октября 2015
North, South Korea to hold family reunion in October North and South Korea agreed to hold a reunion in October for families separated by the Korean War, following all-night talks between their respective Red Cross branches.
08 сентября 2015
Kim Jong-Un credits nukes not talks for deal with S. Korea North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un said nuclear weapons -- not negotiating skills -- secured what he described as a "landmark" agreement this week with South Korea.
28 августа 2015
No end to marathon Korean crisis talks Top-level North and South Korean negotiators talked through the night with no sign of an agreement to exit a high-stakes standoff.
24 августа 2015
North, South Korea hold top-level talks to defuse military tensions North and South Korea sat down to urgent top-level talks, seeking some way out of an escalating crisis that has pushed both their militaries to the brink of an armed conflict.
22 августа 2015
Kim Jong-Un orders frontline N. Korea troops onto war footing: KCNA North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un ordered his frontline troops onto a war-footing from, as military tensions with South Korea soared.
21 августа 2015
North Korea says it has 'cure' for MERS, Ebola, AIDS North Korea says it has developed a vaccine that is "very effective" in treating MERS, Ebola and AIDS, the state mouthpiece KCNA reported.
20 июня 2015
Kerry discusses security in Seoul after N. Korea muscle flexing US Secretary of State John Kerry discussed security issues with top South Korean officials following a new ballistic missile test by North Korea and the reported execution of its defence chief.
18 мая 2015
Sony Pictures boss steps down after damaging hack Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chair Amy Pascal, whose embarrassing emails were leaked in a hack attack, is stepping down.
06 февраля 2015
Various lights are cast on a logo of Sony Corp. ©Reuters Sony delays earnings after 'The Interview' cyberattack Sony said it has won permission to delay the release of its quarterly earnings report, after a cyberattack damaged the computer network at its Hollywood film unit.
27 января 2015
Sony chief thanks supporters after 'vicious' cyber attack Sony chief Kazuo Hirai spoke for the first time publicly about the cyber attack that derailed launch of controversial comedy "The Interview".
06 января 2015

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