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16.05.2015 13:04 People
Blues legend B.B. King, whose crisp, powerful guitar licks made him among the instrument's greatest masters and a towering influence for generations of musicians, has died at 89.
16.05.2015 12:00 Cinema, Music
Famous British pianist James Kirby and talented Kazakhstani violin player Galiya Bisengalieva will perform on the Astana Opera stage
13.05.2015 18:01 Cinema, Music
Enjoy the promo video for Kazakhstani premiere of Bizet's Carmen in Almaty's Abay State Opera House.
08.05.2015 10:44 Entertainment, Style
Sam Smith said Thursday he would undergo surgery on his vocal cords and canceled weeks of shows.
06.05.2015 13:36 Entertainment, Style
Prince announced a peace concert in Baltimore on Mother's Day after the death in police custody of an African American man sparked sometimes violent protests.
06.05.2015 11:40 Entertainment, Style
Days after a brief jail stint in the Bahamas for marijuana possession, Willie Nelson was invited to the White House by Jimmy Carter who thanked the country superstar for his campaign support.
05.05.2015 12:15 Cinema, Music
Britney Spears, whose career has been full of both commercial success and criticism, has recorded a song with a younger kindred spirit, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.
05.05.2015 11:16 Cinema, Music
He is unlikely to be named a Middle East peace negotiator, but DJ superstar Paul van Dyk says that his music in a way has succeeded where politics has failed.
02.05.2015 11:44 People
Ben E. King, the soul singer whose Gospel-influenced "Stand By Me" became one of the most broadcast songs of the 20th century, has died at 76.
30.04.2015 15:04 Entertainment, Style
They don't fit the normal fan profile, but South Korea's 40-something K-pop "aunties" are every bit as obsessed with their idols as their teenage counterparts.
30.04.2015 13:48 Entertainment, Style
The intricacies of cross-strait diplomacy may not have been uppermost on her mind but Katy Perry caused a stir in both Taiwan and China.
29.04.2015 14:24 Entertainment, Style
A music journalist who worked on Courtney Love's long-awaited memoir has sued her, saying that the rock singer failed to compensate him.
29.04.2015 10:04 Entertainment, Style
Young singing sensation Sam Smith canceled the rest of an Australian tour after developing a hemorrhage on his vocal cords.
27.04.2015 09:44 Cinema, Music
The family of British singer Amy Winehouse, who died aged 27 from alcohol poisoning, condemned a forthcoming documentary about her life as "misleading".
27.04.2015 06:59 Cinema, Music
In September, Italian stage director Giancarlo del Monaco will be presenting a new version of the famous Kazakh opera Abay written by Akhmet Zhubanov and Latif Khamidi at Astana Opera.
22.04.2015 19:00 Cinema, Music
World famous violinist from Kazakhstan Galya Bisengalieva brings Notes from London concert to Almaty on May 13.
22.04.2015 18:56 Cinema, Music
The concert of French music will take place at Zhas Sakhna theatre in Almaty on April 22 and 25.
21.04.2015 14:45 Cinema, Music
The Los Angeles musicians Chicano Batman sport a retro look that evokes decades past of performers in the working-class Latino neighborhoods of their hometown.
20.04.2015 15:30 Cinema, Music
Stars of Russian ballet will be brining masterpieces of classical music and choreography to Almaty, Astana and Aktau in Kazakhstan.
20.04.2015 14:53 Cinema, Music
Belgium's Stromae brought in a fellow superstar from across the Atlantic, Kanye West, in a surprise Sunday on the final day of the Coachella festival.
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