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13.08.2015 12:08 Cinema, Music
Pop star Justin Bieber will release his latest album in November, after a three-year gap in which he has been better known for his personal troubles than his tunes.
11.08.2015 12:57 Entertainment, Style
Drake become the first artist to release an album this year that has sold more than one million copies in the United States, ending the latest industry drought.
06.08.2015 15:00 Entertainment, Style
Mariah Carey joined the honored names on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a tribute to the versatile singer's 25 years of stardom.
06.08.2015 11:09 Entertainment, Style
A month after the Grateful Dead signed off with farewell shows, members of the legendary US rock band announced a new concert in New York.
03.08.2015 13:50 Entertainment, Style
Rap mogul Dr. Dre will release his first album in nearly 16 years to accompany a film on his former band N.W.A. and hinted the record would be his last.
31.07.2015 12:35 Entertainment, Style
A US judge kept the door open for pop star Katy Perry to buy a former LA convent at the centre of an unholy real estate battle, although a final decision remains on hold.
27.07.2015 16:57 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstan-born young singer Dimash Kudaibergenov has won the Grand Prix of the 24th International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar 2015 held on July 9-13 in Vitebsk, Belarus.
27.07.2015 16:50 Cinema, Music
10-year-old Luiza Nurkuatova from Aktau in western Kazakhstan has won the Grand Prix of the International Junior Song Contest held as part of the Slavianski Bazaar-2015.
27.07.2015 13:44 People
Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only daughter of pop legend Whitney Houston and singer Bobby Brown, has died at age 22.
24.07.2015 11:09 Entertainment, Style
In a desperate appeal punctuated with a backflip, stranded Grammy-winning star Chris Brown got down on his knees to beg Philippine authorities to let him go.
22.07.2015 12:43 Cinema, Music
Taylor Swift topped the nominations for the MTV Video Music Awards with a pair of elaborate videos from her blockbuster album "1989."
22.07.2015 12:13 Entertainment, Style
Katy Perry has amassed millions of fans around the world, but her failure to win over two elderly nuns is creating an unholy battle.
17.07.2015 11:54 Entertainment, Style
US alternative rockers Wilco surprised the music world by releasing for free an unexpected new album, entitled "Star Wars
16.07.2015 12:17 Entertainment, Style
The pop noir singer Lana Del Rey enjoyed a flurry of interest as she debuted a song from her upcoming album that returns to themes of rough, troubled love
15.07.2015 10:03 Entertainment, Style
One Direction heartthrob Louis Tomlinson is set to become a father, reports said Tuesday, in the latest jolt for the boy band once known for its squeaky-clean image.
14.07.2015 14:05 Entertainment, Style
The rapper known for the album and movie "Get Rich or Die Tryin'," filed for bankruptcy protection as he faced a hefty payout in a lawsuit related to a sex tape.
11.07.2015 00:28 Cinema, Music
A couple years ago, a tall humble fellow with a gentle voice and contemporary take on lyricism stormed into the Kazakhstani music scene.
10.07.2015 23:52 Cinema, Music
A string quartet from Kazakhstan has been awarded a prize in a contest in Italy.
10.07.2015 10:57 Cinema, Music
Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards announced his first solo album in 23 years, saying the music was influenced by blues, country and reggae.
09.07.2015 15:34 Cinema, Music
Giuseppe Verdi's Aida opera was presented on the square in front of the Pyramid in Astana.
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