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Peacekeeper dies as UN camp in Mali comes under rocket fire: UN A peacekeeper was killed as a UN camp in northern Mali came under rocket fire in an attack said to have been carried out by a jihadist leader.
08 октября 2014
US President Barack Obama. ©RIA Novosti Obama: chances of US Ebola outbreak 'extraordinarily low' Barack Obama said the chances of a US Ebola outbreak were "extraordinarily low" but vowed to press world leaders to step up the global fight against the epidemic.
07 октября 2014
Survivors bring shocking realism to Ebola treatment boot camp Trainers are using survivors of the Ebola virus to give frighteningly realistic courses to medical staff fighting the disease in Liberia.
05 октября 2014
Thousands march worldwide for rhino, elephant protection Thousands marched in Africa to pressure governments to do more to stop the poaching industry that many fear is driving rhinos and elephants to the brink of extinction.
05 октября 2014
Ebola casts heavy shadow over Sierra Leone's Eid celebrations Don't pray too close to each other, observe strict hygiene rules and don't shake the imam's hand. For Muslims in Ebola-hit Sierra Leone, this was an Eid festival.
05 октября 2014
US readies 4,000 troops for Ebola mission The US military expects to increase the number of troops deployed to Liberia to fight the Ebola outbreak to nearly 4,000.
04 октября 2014
Dinara Saduakassova (in the middle). Photo courtesy of Saduakassova's page 17 y.o. Dinara Saduakassova from Kazakhstan wins World Chess Championship Kazakhstani grand master Dinara Saduakassova has won the 2014 World Youth Chess Championship in South Africa.
02 октября 2014
New UN Ebola chief vows swift response to crisis The new head of the UN Ebola response team vowed to take swift action on the crisis.
01 октября 2014
IMF urges Zimbabwe to clarify foreign investment law The International Monetary Fund urged Zimbabwe to clarify its controversial policies that bar foreign companies from holding stakes in local enterprises.
30 сентября 2014
Beds scarce, staff scarcer, in Liberia's overrun Ebola wards What the families idling at the gate of this Ebola centre in Monrovia lack is news of the fate of their sick loved ones inside.
29 сентября 2014
IMF unblocks cash as desperate west Africa awaits Ebola aid The International Monetary Fund fast-tracked $130 million in aid to fight the Ebola epidemic.
27 сентября 2014
Idris Elba joins fight against Ebola Actor Idris Elba joined the United Nations campaign to ramp up the response to the Ebola crisis in West Africa.
26 сентября 2014
Islamic State militants © Islamic State poses serious threat to Kazakhstan: Satpayev Well-known Kazakh political scientists Dosym Satpayev advises not to downplay the threat posed by the Islamic State terrorists.
25 сентября 2014
Sierra Leone quarantines more than one million people Sierra Leone has ordered the quarantine "with immediate effect" of three districts and 12 tribal chiefdoms -- affecting more than one million people.
25 сентября 2014
©Reuters UNESCO seeks answers from Egypt on pyramid 'damage' UNESCO has asked Egypt for a detailed report on restoration work carried out at the Djoser pyramid following reports the monument has been damaged.
25 сентября 2014
Pet animals become victims of Ebola scare in Ivory Coast People in Ivory Coast like to keep wild animals as pets but are now rethinking the custom with the deadly Ebola virus sweeping neighbouring countries.
20 сентября 2014
Sierra Leone readies for controversial Ebola shutdown Sierra Leone was preparing for an unprecedented three-day nationwide shutdown to contain the deadly spread of the Ebola virus.
19 сентября 2014
Ebola screening for Nigeria's Mecca-bound pilgrims With some 76,000 Nigerian Muslims expected at the hajj in Saudi Arabia, organisation was always going to be a major logistical undertaking.
19 сентября 2014
'Lather Against Ebola', an 'Ice Bucket' challenge against the virus Ivorians are raising awareness about the deadly disease outbreak in west Africa with a new "Lather Against Ebola" campaign.
18 сентября 2014
Teachers union calls for boycott of Nigeria school restart The head of Nigeria's main teachers union called for a boycott of next week's re-opening of schools.
17 сентября 2014

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