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During the transplantation © Kazakh scientists transplant cow skin on human Kazakh scientists have demonstrated their new method of healing wounds, burns and other skin defects using cow skin transplants.
12 декабря 2014
©RIA Novosti Sale of antibiotics may be restricted in Kazakhstan Many people in Kazakhstan are relying on self-treatment and purchase antibiotics in next door pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. The Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan is proposing to restrict the sale of antibiotics in Kazakhstan.
29 ноября 2014
Photo courtesy of Surgeons remove pencil from boy's chest in Kazakhstan Kazakhstani surgeons have removed a pencil from the chest of a 10 y.o. boy.
19 ноября 2014
Ebola death toll rises to 5,177: WHO The World Health Organization said Friday that 5,177 people had so far died of Ebola across eight countries, out of a total 14,413 cases of infection.
15 ноября 2014
Photo courtesy of Kazakh startup says no to dental drills A Kazakh startup says it knows how to treat caries with no annoying dental drills involved.
09 ноября 2014
Ebola death toll hits 4,960: WHO The World Health Organization said that 13,268 people had been infected with Ebola across eight countries, and 4,960 of them had died.
08 ноября 2014
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan to keep methadone therapy for now The government of Kazakhstan has announced it would continue the controversial methadone therapy until 2015.
29 октября 2014
Photo © REUTERS Kazakhstan is medically and legally ready for cadaveric donation Medical specialists discussed Kazakhstan’s readiness for cadaveric donation both in legal and medical terms at New Vision of Transplantology press conference.
26 октября 2014
General Manager of the Astana Pro Team Alexander Vinokurov. Photo © Yaroslav Radlovsky Vinokurov comments on doping scandal of Iglinsky brothers The General Manager of Kazakhstan's Astana Pro Team Alexander Vinokurov has commented on the doping incident involving Iglinskiy brothers.
16 октября 2014
Ebola 'most serious' health emergency in years: leaders The Ebola epidemic is "the most serious international public health emergency in recent years," British, US, French, German and Italian leaders agreed.
16 октября 2014
Ebola toll passes 4,000 as fears grow worldwide The death toll from Ebola has passed 4,000, the World Health Organization said.
11 октября 2014
Yerdaulet Bozugulov and his sister Zhanagul. Photo courtesy of Kyzylorda Oblast Akimat press office First kidney transplantation in Kyzylorda For the firs time, a kidney transplantation has been conducted in Kyzylorda.
09 октября 2014
Photo courtesy of Controversial methadone therapy may become nationwide in Kazakhstan by 2016 According to the head of the National Scientific and Practical Center on Medical and Social Problems of Drug Abuse, methadone therapy also known as opioid substitution therapy (OST) may become nationwide in Kazakhstan in 2016.
06 октября 2014
Photo © RIA Novosti Birth rate goes 25% up in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan has had an increase in birth rate and decease in mortality rate.
06 октября 2014
Photo courtesy of 'We are either bad at treating or bad at diagnosing' - state oncological aid in Kazakhstan Oncologist Nasrulla Shanazarov reported on the state of oncological help in Kazakhstan at the recent International Oncological Symposium.
03 октября 2014
New UN Ebola chief vows swift response to crisis The new head of the UN Ebola response team vowed to take swift action on the crisis.
01 октября 2014
Beds scarce, staff scarcer, in Liberia's overrun Ebola wards What the families idling at the gate of this Ebola centre in Monrovia lack is news of the fate of their sick loved ones inside.
29 сентября 2014
Ebola screening for Nigeria's Mecca-bound pilgrims With some 76,000 Nigerian Muslims expected at the hajj in Saudi Arabia, organisation was always going to be a major logistical undertaking.
19 сентября 2014
©REUTERS Infertility in Kazakhstani men a nationwide health problem Men's health in Kazakhstan requires a more comprehensive approach with infertility on the rise.
15 сентября 2014
Scientists unveil magnetic cure for bad blood Scientists said they had invented a device that uses a magnet to extract bacteria, fungi and toxins from blood.
15 сентября 2014

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