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11.03.2015 12:35 Companies
Profits of Kazakhstan's largest oil production company fall in 2014.
09.06.2014 10:42 Sport
Zarina Diyas has lost in the final of the ITF (International Tennis Federation) tournament held on June 3-9, 2014 in Nottingham, Great Britain.
18.02.2014 17:30 Disasters
The Syrdarya River has flooded farmlands and cause loss of dozens of cattle to farmers in South Kazakhstan Oblast.
20.01.2014 19:36 Markets
The Airport of Almaty is loosing $4.5 million annually because of the ban on foreign charter flights from Kazakhstan.
16.12.2013 11:45 Sport
The Astana Arlan’s Head Coach Korchynsky’s prediction of 3:2 was right, though not in favor of his Wolves. The Alpha Wolves lost to Cuban Domadores for the first time this season.
24.10.2013 18:00 Companies
Panasonic is set to cut its chip division workforce in half, axing thousands of jobs as the electronics giant overhauls its battered balance sheet after record losses.
27.08.2013 13:44 Companies
Embattled Australian surfwear brand Billabong reported a huge Aus$859.5 million (US$771.7 million) net annual loss Tuesday -- triple the firm's market value and far worse than analyst forecasts.
19.08.2013 11:45 Environment
The world's 136 largest coastal cities could risk combined annual losses of $1 trillion (750 billion euros) from floods by 2050 unless they drastically raise their defences.
05.08.2013 13:01 Companies
Virgin Australia said Monday it was expecting a full-year loss of Aus$95-$110 million (US$84-98 million).
30.06.2013 19:15 Markets
BlackBerry on Friday posted an unexpected first quarter loss and disappointing sales figures for its new smartphones.
28.02.2013 16:48 Finance
State-rescued Royal Bank of Scotland said Thursday that net losses almost tripled to £5.97 billion in 2012, when it was hit by compensation payouts, Libor rate-rigging fines and a vast accounting charge.
21.02.2013 15:56 Markets
Over a half of Kazakhstan airports incur losses because of excessive state regulation: expert.
27.01.2013 17:37 Companies
Apple shares extended their losses Friday, ending a miserable week for the California tech giant as it surrendered its position as the world's biggest company based on market value.
12.11.2012 12:08 Companies
Russian aluminium giant Rusal posted a third-quarter loss of $118 million on Monday, blaming Europe's economic turmoil and China's slowdown for sinking global demand for the metal.
01.11.2012 12:42 Companies
Shares in Panasonic dived nearly 20 percent Thursday after the Japanese firm warned of a mammoth $9.6 billion annual loss in the latest sign of trouble for the nation's hard-hit electronics giants.
07.10.2012 10:48 Finance
The Philippines lost $2.46 billion through misuse of state funds and assets during the latter years of graft-tainted ex-president Gloria Arroyo's rule.
26.09.2012 10:01 Crime
Scandal-wracked Olympus and three of its former top executives pleaded guilty in court Tuesday over charges that they covered up losses worth $1.7 billion stemming from bad investments.
23.08.2012 10:30 Finance
If you bought Facebook shares in the May IPO and held onto them, by Monday morning you would have lost more than half your investment -- and not see any encouraging signs of making your money back.
27.07.2012 16:43 Companies
Facebook shares on Thursday sank to a new low after the world's leading social network reported a loss of $157 million in its first earnings after its public offering.
25.07.2012 13:32 Disasters
Weekend floods in Beijing caused "significant losses" and casualty numbers are still being tallied, the head of the worst-hit district has said, as residents of China's capital question the official toll.
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