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SUV crashes into kindergarten playground killing a 5 y.o. girl and injuring 8 children in Almaty


Photo © Rosa Yessenkulova Photo © Rosa Yessenkulova

Black Toyota Land Cruiser has crashed into a kindergarten playground killing a five-year-old child in Almaty’s Taugul 1 Mikroraion on May 20, Tengrinews reports.

Black Toyota Land Cruiser has crashed into a kindergarten playground killing a five-year-old child in Almaty’s Taugul 1 Mikroraion on May 20, Tengrinews reports.

According to the witnesses, the black SUV crashed into the playground where 26 children where playing. As a result, one child died under the car and nine were injured.

Three paramedic brigades arrived to the site to deliver medical aid. Parents came early to taking their children home. According to the kindergarten personnel they did not see the moment of the accident, because it all happened too quickly. They only heard the crash and saw the SUV on the playground.

Two children were brought to the intensive care at the #1 Municipal Children’s Hospital. Eight other children from the kindergarten also ended up in hospitals, but two of them were allowed to leave after some medical tests.

Later one more child was brought to the hospital by his parents, but it turned out that his case was not related to the car accident.

“Two children are in the intensive care, they are in a critical condition. But the children are conscious. They have closed head injurys, head and arms concussions and other injuries. Other children have been examined. They underwent abdominal ultrasound and CT scans. We decided to keep all children after such a stressful incident at the hospital with their mothers. All the parents are currently staying at the hospital,” Bagdagul Abdrasilova, the Deputy of the hospital's Administration said.

Other children did not require any surgeries. But they will be seeing a psychologist.

Meanwhile, according to Abdrasilova, one of the ambulances ended up in a car accident on its way to the kindergarten.

“One of our ambulances was not given the road on Altynsarin street. The ambulance collided with a Nissan car. As a result, the ambulance flipped over. Two paramedics were injured. One of them was hospitalized to the Municipal Hospital #7 with injuries. The other one was sent home. We will be reporting the accident to the law enforcement,” Abdrasilova said.

The kindergarten did not have any violations in terms of emergency services and health inspection services. But locals were outraged with the fact that the kindergarten playground was too close to the road and had a simple fence to protect it.

The kindergarten personnel acknowledged that car accidents at the nearby road were frequent because the road was very narrow.

Six children were discharged from the hospital within one week while the other two as still at the hospital. 

"Two children from among those injured in the kindergarten car accident still remain at the hospital. Those are the kids who were in severe condition in the intensive care from the very beginning. The boy has an avulsive wound. The girl has a pelvis fracture, the fracure is undisplaced. There are now feeling better and there is no threat to their lives," Chief Doctor of the Almaty Children's Center of Emergency Aid Abai Kusainov said.

"They will be staying at our hospital for another 10-14 days," he said on May 26.

"And the other six children have been discharged and will continue their treatment at home," Abai Kusainov said.


The police reported that the driver was a 46 y.o. woman. After the accident she told the police that she mistook the accelerator pedal for the break pedal and lost control of her vehicle, crashing through the fence and ending up in the kindergarten playground.

The witnesses said that when the driver was shocked when she got out of the car and saw the dead girl under the vehicle. “She was shocked. She got out of the car and stood there in a stupor. The witnesses called for an ambulance and detained the driver,” one of the locals said.

The driver was also taken for a medical examination by the police. The test showed that she was not drunk. She was not previously convicted.

A representative of the Almaty Interior Affairs Department Saltanat Azirbek said that pretrial investigation of the accident was held under the Article “Traffic related offence or operation of a vehicle that lead to the death of a person”. The driver of the SUV will remain under arrest for two months.

Commenting the case a Kazakh lawyer Dzhokhar Utebekov said that the driver would probably be given a five year prison term. Especially since reconciliation of parties in the event of death had been prohibited in Kazakhstan since May, 2014.

“It certainly does not mean that the victims cannot express their opinions in terms of the punishment and get a financial compensation. The court will consider all of this. In any case, if there is a reconciliation it could be considered an alleviating circumstance by the judge,” the lawyer said.

Reporting by Rosa Yessenkulova and Alisher Akhmetov. Writing by Gyuzel Kamalova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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