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Massive traffic accident in Almaty: passenger bus, garbage truck, 12 cars 18 января 2015, 22:06

A passenger bus crashed into a garbage truck after grazing a dozen cars in Almaty. Seven people injured.
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©Daniyar Bozov ©Daniyar Bozov

A passenger bus has grazed over a dozen cars in Almaty, Tengrinews reports.

The bus №31 full of passengers was driving down Isinaliyev street from Kazakhfilm area toward the center of Almaty city. The bus driver suddenly lost control of his vehicle and it grazed over a dozen cars before crashing into a garbage truck at the turn of the road.

According to STV reporter the bus first collided with a Mercedes-Benz that was driving in the same direction. Then the two grazed 11 cars, the passenger buss entered the oncoming traffic lane at the turn of the road and finally stopped by crashing into a garbage truck headlong.

Seven people were injured in the accident. Three kids and a pregnant woman are among them. The bus driver got the most severe injuries - he was pressed into the metal during the collision and had both legs broken. It took a rescue team and metal cutting equipment to extract him from the bus.

Brake failure in the bus is the preliminary cause of the accident.

By Tatyana Kuzmina 

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