in vitro fertilization

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25.06.2013 13:36 Health
600 quotas for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) were allocated for 350 thousand infertile families in Kazakhstan in 2013.
24.02.2013 18:44 Health
700 vitro fertilization (IVF) quotas have been provided by Kazakhstan government in 2013.
30.03.2012 11:13 Health
It will be impossible to find a healthy sperm donor in Kazakhstan in 20 years, if the current ecological situation doesn't improve.
29.10.2011 17:49 Health
3rd International Workshop Conference on reproductive medicine was held in Astana on October 28.
13.06.2011 17:51 Kazakhstan
350 quotas issued by Kazakhstan government for in vitro fertilization this year will start to be distributed in July.
06.06.2011 11:37 Health
Up to 3 thousand reproductively-challenged patients apply to the Institute of Reproductive Medicine annually. 2 thousand of them get IVF.