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First Kazakhstan's "IVF baby" turned 15 29 октября 2011, 17:49

3rd International Workshop Conference on reproductive medicine was held in Astana on October 28.
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Photo courtesy of subscribe.ru Photo courtesy of subscribe.ru
First Kazakhstan's “IVF baby” turned 15, Tengrinews.kz citing director of the Institute of Reproductive Medicine (Almaty) Tamara Dzhussubaliyeva. 3rd International Workshop Conference called Modern approaches to infertile marriages treatment. Problems of auxiliary reproductive technologies was held in Astana today, October 28. “Wonderful fate,” said Tamara Dzhussubaliyeva starting the story about the first Kazakhstan child born with the help of artificial fertilization. “We are monitoring, but we have promised to not disclose information about the child. Right now it is all open, but 15 years ago it was a secret.” “This is a girl, she is an excellent student, not different from other kids, very beautiful,” Dzhussubaliyeva said. As per the experts, there are currently 6.5 thousand IVF-born children in Kazakhstan. 150 thousand couples cannot have children, as per doctors' statistics. In 70% of cases, experts say, they can be treated. Starting from 2010 the state has been providing state-funded quotas for in-vitro treatment in Kazakhstan. “Thanks to implementation of all the latest technologies, infertility treatment efficiency in Kazakhstan is not different from general European numbers, which is as follows: delivery is 30% of cases and pregnancy in 40% of cases after each program. Treatment efficiency is growing after each program with increase of the number of attempts. 6.5 thousand children were born by Kazakhstan's couples who were doomed to infertility,” President of Kazakhstan Association of Reproductive Medicine Vyachheslav Lokshin said. According to Lokshin, around 500 people can received the quota in Kazakhstan and this number will be increasing. The cost of the surgery is around 600-700 thousand tenge ($4000-$4700). 10 in-vitro fertilization centers are operating in Kazakhstan, one more center is scheduled to be opened shortly.

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