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Germany to send 'tens of thousands' of migrants back to Balkans Germany will send thousands of rejected asylum applicants back to the Balkans in the coming months as Berlin toughens its stance on economic migrants in the face of a refugee crisis.
29 октября 2015
Thousands demonstrate in Czech Republic against migrants Thousands of people protested against migrants in towns around the Czech Republic, a week after the UN slammed the country's treatment of new arrivals as "degrading".
29 октября 2015
EU will 'start falling apart' if no quick action on migrants: Slovenia The European Union will "start falling apart" if it fails to take concrete action to tackle the migrant crisis within the next few weeks.
26 октября 2015
President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman. RIA Novosti Economic migrants use children as 'human shields': Czech leader The Czech president accused economic migrants of using children as "human shields" in their bid to reach Europe, as the continent grapples with its biggest migration crisis since World War II.
26 октября 2015
EU, Balkan leaders struggle to defuse tensions over migrants European Union and Balkan leaders struggled Sunday to reduce tensions over how to tackle the migrant crisis as Slovenia warned the bloc will "start falling apart" if it fails to take concrete action within weeks.
26 октября 2015
Juncker backs Merkel on refugees ahead of EU mini-summit European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker backed Angela Merkel's welcoming stance towards migrants ahead of a mini-summit of leaders this weekend aimed at tackling record arrivals.
24 октября 2015
Juncker urges EU member states to respect migrant aid pledges European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker chided EU member states for not respecting their pledges of humanitarian aid to tackle the migrant crisis, saying "urgency" was needed.
23 октября 2015
Juncker calls EU-Balkans mini-summit on refugees for Sunday European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker has called a mini-summit in Brussels to tackle the migrant crisis along the western Balkans route.
21 октября 2015
One seriously hurt as thousands mass in Dresden for anti-migrant rally, counter-protest Tens of thousands of people massed in the eastern German city of Dresden in counter rallies over the anti-migrant movement PEGIDA, with one demonstrator left seriously injured in a brief clash between the two sides.
20 октября 2015
UN chief regrets 'root causes' of refugee crisis were unaddressed UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said more should have been done to tackle the "root causes" of the worst refugee and migrant crisis since World War II.
20 октября 2015
Slovenia blocks over 1,000 migrants at border Slovenian authorities said they had refused to let in more than 1,000 migrants arriving from Croatia after a daily quota had been reached.
19 октября 2015
Britain to unveil new counter-extremism measures British Prime Minister David Cameron will launch a new strategy aimed at countering jihadist ideology and stopping young Britons travelling to Syria.
19 октября 2015
Migrant flow turns to Slovenia as EU rift over crisis grows Croatia diverted the flow of thousands of migrants toward Slovenia after Hungary sealed its border to block the path of the streams of refugees desperate to reach northern Europe.
17 октября 2015
Trump brands Merkel migrant policy 'insane' Republican US presidential frontrunner Donald Trump branded Angela Merkel's welcoming of migrants to Germany "insane" and said the policy will only spark riots in the country.
12 октября 2015
US is immigrant nation, should welcome refugees US Secretary of State John Kerry rebuked those opposed to welcoming Syrian refugees, insisting that immigrants built and defined America as a nation.
10 октября 2015
Obama denouces 'inflammatory' Trump immigration policies President Barack Obama denounced the immigration policies of leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a speech to Latino political leaders.
09 октября 2015
Canada PM denies delaying Syrians resettlement Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper rejected a report accusing his office of holding up the resettlement of Syrian refugees, less than two weeks before legislative elections.
09 октября 2015
UN council to vote Friday on EU action against migrant smugglers The UN Security Council will vote on Friday on a draft resolution authorizing European military action against migrant smugglers in the high seas off Libya's coast.
09 октября 2015
Europe needs to 'crack down' on asylum abuse: Britain The EU must speed up deportation of economic migrants and "crack down" on abuse of its asylum system, British interior minister Theresa May said as ministers met to discuss Europe's refugee and migrant crisis.
08 октября 2015

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