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21.09.2016 16:42 Unrest
Growing xenophobia and rightwing extremism could threaten peace in eastern Germany.
30.11.2015 10:25 Unrest
Clashes broke out between hundreds of asylum seekers at a shelter in Berlin, in the second mass brawl to erupt over the weekend in Germany's crowded migrant accommodations.
28.11.2015 15:20 Politics
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has called on the Gulf states to accept more refugees fleeing Syria, saying that a "humanitarian disaster" could erupt in the Balkans if Europe does not control its borders.
27.11.2015 17:23 Politics
German Chancellor Angela Merkel came under fire for her welcoming refugee policy from her powerful Bavarian coalition ally, who demanded she cap arrivals "in the national interest".
25.11.2015 17:49 Politics
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Tuesday urged the European Union to limit the number of migrants it allows into the bloc.
21.11.2015 14:35 Politics
US President Barack Obama said the world must offer haven to refugees, as he visited a Malaysian centre for displaced children amid a bitter and racially tinged US debate over the Syria exodus.
20.11.2015 13:16 Politics
Some of the suspects in the Paris attacks took advantage of Europe's migrant crisis to "slip in" unnoticed, warning the EU needed to "take responsibility" over border controls.
18.11.2015 16:32 Politics
Greek Prime Minister Alexi Tsipras held talks with the Greek orthodox patriarch as he embarked on his first official visit to Turkey set to be devoted to grappling with the huge flow of refugees entering his country from Turkish territory.
17.11.2015 13:49 Politics
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced increasing calls to delay bringing in 25,000 Syrian refugees by year's end due to security concerns, following attacks in Paris.
16.11.2015 14:34 Politics
Former Polish leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Lech Walesa slammed plans by his country's incoming government to stop welcoming refugees.
16.11.2015 13:13 Politics
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker firmly defended Sunday the EU's hotly-contested plan to redistribute refugees across Europe despite calls by Poland to scrap the scheme after the deadly attacks in Paris.
12.11.2015 13:55 Politics
Germany's interior minister called for family reunification rights of Syrian asylum seekers to be limited, saying the country cannot cope with a doubling of its already record refugee numbers.
11.11.2015 16:08 Politics
Donald Trump reiterated his pledge during Tuesday's Republican presidential debate to deport millions of undocumented workers, a plan trashed by rivals including Jeb Bush.
10.11.2015 17:38 Unrest
The shy children from a dog-eared photograph found in the pocket of a migrant drowned off Italy may never know what happened to the man who might have been their father.
09.11.2015 15:47 Politics
EU leaders will push their wary African counterparts to help tackle the migration crisis at a summit in Malta this week, offering them billions of euros in aid in exchange for cooperation
06.11.2015 14:40 Politics
Canada's new prime minister vowed to make good on campaign promises to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees by the beginning of next year and bring home fighter jets battling the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.
06.11.2015 11:20 Politics
Germany plans to speed up repatriations of rejected asylum-seekers from new central hubs, Chancellor Angela Merkel and her coalition allies agreed, vowing to bring order to a record migrant influx.
05.11.2015 15:26 Politics
Croatians vote in a general election as the nation faces an ongoing influx of refugees -- a crisis that rival political camps have tried to exploit, while lacking concrete policy pledges to kickstart the sluggish economy.
03.11.2015 11:29 Politics
Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem said the fallout from the refugee crisis should be considered when assessing some members' budgets, adding it had already had a major impact on debt-ridden Greece.
02.11.2015 15:25 Politics
Fresh off his election as speaker of the House of Representatives, US Congressman Paul Ryan refused to cooperate with President Barack Obama on immigration, ruling out any reform before 2017.
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