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Rare British royal's signature up for auction in US A document signed by Britain's King Richard III will be auctioned in Los Angeles next week, two months after scientists found the ancient royal's remains under a modern-day car park.
29 марта 2013
Spain's main parties hit by scandals, crisis Spain's two major political parties, the pillars of a democratic system re-born after the 1975 death of General Francisco Franco, face an historic crisis.
20 марта 2013
70 years on, Greek survivor recalls 'red sky over Birkenau' Heinz Kounio was put aboard the first train to transfer Jews from the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki to the Auschwitz death camp on March 15, 1943.
19 марта 2013
Anti-China protesters. ©REUTERS/Kham Vietnam anti-China activists mark island battle Activists in Hanoi chanted anti-China slogans and laid flowers Thursday at a protest marking the anniversary of a battle over the contested Spratly Islands in which 64 Vietnamese soldiers died.
15 марта 2013
Photo courtesy of Shipwreck find could be legendary 'sunstone' An oblong crystal found in the wreck of a 16th-century English warship is a sunstone, a near-mythical navigational aid said to have been used by Viking mariners.
07 марта 2013
Russia divided on Stalin 60 years after his death Russia has marked the 60th anniversary of Joseph Stalin's death, with the nation divided on whether he was a tyrant who slaughtered millions or a saviour who created a superpower after World War II.
06 марта 2013
World record price for rare Australian 'Holey Dollar' A private collector has paid a world record Aus$495,000 (US$508,000) for one of Australia's first coins, known as the "Holey Dollar".
06 марта 2013
US Vice President Joe Biden. ©REUTERS/Tim Shaffer Biden marches with US civil rights leaders in Alabama Vice President Joe Biden marched with black civil rights leaders Sunday in Selma, Alabama to commemorate the "Bloody Sunday" beating of voting rights marchers 48 years ago.
04 марта 2013
A history of couture in 100 dresses From Worth and Balenciaga to Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and John Galliano, a landmark exhibition due to open in Paris on Saturday traces the history of haute couture through some of the most exquisite dresses ever made.
28 февраля 2013
Charyn canyon a large canyon in southeastern Kazakhstan. Photo courtesy of 40 Geological Parks could be opened in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan researches are going to open 40 geological parks in Kazakhstan, where the Earth’s geological history can be traced visually.
28 февраля 2013
Germany returns lost ancient artifacts to Kosovo Kosovo's culture minister on Friday said Germany had returned seven millennia-old artefacts that were smuggled out during the 1998-1999 war with Serbia and were unexpectedly found in a German police raid.
24 февраля 2013
'Lincoln' screenwriter apologizes for 15-second error The screenwriter of "Lincoln," which has 12 Oscar nominations, conceded on Friday that the taut political drama changed the historical record for "15 seconds," after a lawmaker complained.
09 февраля 2013
'Tree of life' has Kurdish roots: study Seen by some as emblematic of the Mediterranean landscape and cuisine, the olive tree in fact has its domesticated roots in Kurdish regions, said a study Wednesday that seeks to settle an age-old debate.
06 февраля 2013
Fidel Castro makes surprise appearance in Cuba Ailing Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro made a surprise appearance in Havana Sunday to vote in parliamentary polls, expressing confidence in the revolution despite a decades-long US trade embargo.
04 февраля 2013
Germany commemorates 80 years since Hitler's rise to power Berlin on Wednesday commemorates Adolf Hitler's rise to power 80 years ago, with exhibitions exploring what Chancellor Angela Merkel has called Germany's "everlasting responsibility" for crimes committed by the Nazis.
31 января 2013
France, Germany forget differences to fete 50 years of landmark pact France and Germany on Tuesday will celebrate 50 years since a landmark treaty sealed their post-war reconciliation aiming to paper over nagging differences between Europe's two powerhouse neighbours.
22 января 2013
Photo courtesy of Gene study settles debate over origin of European Jews Jews of European origin are a mix of ancestries, with many hailing from tribes in the Caucasus who converted to Judaism and created an empire that lasted half a millennium.
18 января 2013
©REUTERS DNA test sheds light on mystery deaths A new DNA test can restore at least part of the identity of long-dead people who left no trace of their image.
14 января 2013
Ancient Afghan papers shed light on Jewish life A cache of 1,000-year-old documents written by the Jewish community in Afghanistan and unveiled in Jerusalem on Thursday sheds unprecedented light on the mediaeval Jewish community in central Asia.
05 января 2013
Nureyev's legacy in spotlight, 20 years on Twenty years after his death, Rudolf Nureyev's legacy still lights up the world of ballet as brilliantly as the flamboyant performances which once illuminated the greatest stages.
04 января 2013

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