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Japan marks 70th anniversary of Battle of Okinawa Japan marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the Battle of Okinawa, the bloodiest episode in the Pacific War, which killed a quarter of the island's population.
23 июня 2015
'Brexit could be your Waterloo!' Le Monde warns Britain -- in English France's Le Monde newspaper used 200th anniversary of Napoleon's defeat to issue a warning to Britain -- in English -- saying: "Beware, Brexit could be your Waterloo!"
19 июня 2015
Europe to mark Waterloo bicentenary with call for unity European royals and officials will mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo with a call for reconciliation at the site where Napoleon Bonaparte's imperial ambitions ended in carnage.
18 июня 2015
Cambodia marks 'Day of Anger' to remember K.Rouge victims More than 1,000 people marked Cambodia's annual "Day of Anger" against the genocidal former Khmer Rouge regime.
20 мая 2015
Britain's Prince Charles meets Irish republican leader Prince Charles became the first British royal to meet Irish republican leader Gerry Adams, on a visit that will take him to the scene of his great-uncle's murder by the IRA.
20 мая 2015
Putin defends notorious Nazi-Soviet pact Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday defended the infamous pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.
11 мая 2015
Queen Elizabeth marks WWII anniversary at London service Britain's Queen Elizabeth II attended a thanksgiving service at London's Westminster Abbey on the final day of commemorations.
11 мая 2015
Nursultan Nazarbayev arrives in Moscow on Friday, May 8. Photo courtesy of Attempts to distort history of World War II are unacceptable: Nazarbayev Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev criticized attempts of certain politicians and countries to rewrite the history of the World War II and emphasized the necessity to preserve the truth about those years.
11 мая 2015
The order of the Red Star. Kazakhstan celebrates 70th anniversary of Victory Today Kazakhstan celebrates one of the most important holidays – the Victory Day, which commemorates the end of the Great Patriotic War, as the WWII is known in the former Soviet states, and the win of the Soviet Union over the Nazi Germany.
10 мая 2015
German FM marks WWII anniversary at site of Stalingrad battle Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier laid a wreath at the site of the Battle of Stalingrad.
08 мая 2015
Photo courtesy of Counter attempts to glorify Nazism: Heads of CIS Heads of the CIS countries have delivered an address dedicated to the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory Day calling the international community to counter attempts to glorify Nazism.
07 мая 2015
Russia to roll out Red Square military parade on unprecedented scale Russia is pulling out all the stops for celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany with 16,000 troops marching in a Red Square parade.
06 мая 2015
Russia raises Stalin's ghost amid nostalgia for past glories Law student Mikhail Kosyrev used to have a negative view of Stalin but his attitude has drastically changed in recent years, he said, insisting the wartime tyrant meant well.
05 мая 2015
Ten Russian bikers reach German border ahead of WWII rally Ten pro-Kremlin Russian bikers, part of a larger group on a controversial World War II victory ride through Europe, reached the German border.
04 мая 2015
Copy of 'Enola Gay' pilot's log fetches $50,000 at auction A copy of a deeply moving pilot's log, written during the top-secret Enola Gay mission was auctioned in New York on Wednesday for $50,000.
30 апреля 2015
War of words as Armenians fight for genocide recognition a century on Armenians are still battling to get the World War I slaying of their ancestors recognised as a genocide.
17 апреля 2015
Historic Summit of Americas starts with Obama, Castro US President Barack Obama and Cuba's Raul Castro stood with other regional leaders at the start of a historic Summit of the Americas.
11 апреля 2015
Artists place Snowden statue in New York park A group of artists installed a bust of fugitive US intelligence analyst Edward Snowden on a war memorial in a New York park.
07 апреля 2015
'Car park king' Richard III's tomb revealed The stone tomb covering the grave of Richard III was unveiled, the last act in the reburial of the 15th-century king found beneath a car park.
28 марта 2015
Photo courtesy of Cavalry procession to grace Astana streets on May 9 A cavalry procession will grace the streets of Kazakh capital to commemorate the 106th Cavalry of the Soviet Army in the fight against Nazi Germany.
26 марта 2015

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