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Новости по теме: guard По вашему запросу найдено: 9 материалов
31.03.2015 18:22 Crime
Kazakhstani coast guards have stopped four Azeri poachers, who were trying to escape the territorial waters of Kazakhstan with nearly a ton of sturgeon.
05.04.2014 20:43 Crime
Regional Maritime Boarder Patrol from the Coast Guard has discovered abandoned illegal fishing equipment in the Caspian sea.
10.01.2014 17:49 Unrest
Vietnamese police said Friday they had launched an investigation into a riot at a multi-billion dollar Samsung factory that left 13 people injured, four critically.
08.06.2013 13:43 People
For Kabul's wealthy elite some things are de rigueur: armed guards, a marble-clad mansion, a blacked-out SUV. But one man has taken the flamboyant lifestyle a step further and bought a lion.
17.01.2013 02:56 Politics
Respective decree was signed by President Nazarbayev January 16.
27.09.2012 19:15 Crime
Kazakhstan border guards have wounded two Russian citizens on board of two boats that entered Kazakhstan’s territorial waters of the Caspian Sea.
19.09.2012 10:21 Crime
The guard wounded in the leg during the recent attack on Atyrau Interior Department has been discharged from the hospital.
19.08.2012 11:02 Politics
Japan should strengthen its coast guard to defend disputed islands, the ruling party policy chief said Saturday, a day after Tokyo deported pro-Beijing activists who had sailed there.
27.07.2012 13:43 Strange News
Wealthy Kazakhstan residents buy wolves to guard their houses.