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Photo courtesy of the press service of the Border Guard of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan Chase and gunshots stop poachers at Caspian Sea Kazakhstani coast guards have stopped four Azeri poachers, who were trying to escape the territorial waters of Kazakhstan with nearly a ton of sturgeon.
31 марта 2015
©RIA Novosti Coast Guards rescue endangered fish from poacher nets Regional Maritime Boarder Patrol from the Coast Guard has discovered abandoned illegal fishing equipment in the Caspian sea.
05 апреля 2014
Vietnam police investigate riot at Samsung factory Vietnamese police said Friday they had launched an investigation into a riot at a multi-billion dollar Samsung factory that left 13 people injured, four critically.
10 января 2014
The $20,000 pet lion that lives on a Kabul rooftop For Kabul's wealthy elite some things are de rigueur: armed guards, a marble-clad mansion, a blacked-out SUV. But one man has taken the flamboyant lifestyle a step further and bought a lion.
08 июня 2013
© Daniyal Okassov Head of Presidential Security Service relieved of duties Respective decree was signed by President Nazarbayev January 16.
17 января 2013
Photo courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Kazakhstan guards wounded two Russian citizens in Caspian waters Kazakhstan border guards have wounded two Russian citizens on board of two boats that entered Kazakhstan’s territorial waters of the Caspian Sea.
27 сентября 2012
Photo courtesy of Guard wounded in attack on Atyrau Interior Department discharged from hospital The guard wounded in the leg during the recent attack on Atyrau Interior Department has been discharged from the hospital.
19 сентября 2012
Japan should fortify islets defence: senior politician Japan should strengthen its coast guard to defend disputed islands, the ruling party policy chief said Saturday, a day after Tokyo deported pro-Beijing activists who had sailed there.
19 августа 2012 photo archive Wealthy Kazakhs take wolves as guards Wealthy Kazakhstan residents buy wolves to guard their houses.
27 июля 2012
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