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Shifting from Russia, Ukraine strikes US nuclear fuel deal Ukraine said Thursday it had reached an agreement with the US-based electric giant Westinghouse to build a nuclear fuel production unit.
05 августа 2016
Photo courtesy of KazMunaiGas threatens action over Romania refinery seizure Kazakhstan's state oil company KazMunaiGas on Wednesday threatened to seek international arbitration against Bucharest.
28 июля 2016
Air France KLM narrows losses, warns of turbulence as pilots' pay cut Air France-KLM said Wednesday it cut its losses in the first quarter of 2016 but passenger traffic to Paris was affected by terror attacks.
04 мая 2016
Thomas Countryman. Photo courtesy of US Assistant Secretary to visit Kazakhstan US Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Nonproliferation Thomas Countryman will pay a working visit to Kazakhstan.
25 августа 2015 Kazakhstan to host official ceremony to launch international nuclear fuel bank August 27 Yukiya Amano, Director General of the IAEA, representatives of the six nations involved in talks to negotiate the Iranian nuclear program, including Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry will be among those in attendance.
28 июля 2015
©REUTERS Low-enriched uranium to start accumulating in IAEA bank in Kazakhstan by 2017 According to an official from the Ministry of Energy, Kazakhstan will start receiving low-enriched uranium into the IAEA bank in 2017.
02 июня 2015
©RIA Novosti Ban of Russian fuel will not cause deficit in Kazakhstan: KazMunaiGas Kazakhstan has introduced a 45-day ban on import of fuel from Russia. Some are worried that this will be the beginning of a new fuel deficit in the Central Asian economy. KazMunaiGas has a different view.
03 апреля 2015
Photo courtesy of Modernization of Kazakh oil refineries may be delayed The process of modernizing Kazakh oil refineries may have to be delayed, putting additional pressure on the domestic fuel market of Kazakhstan.
12 марта 2015
Photo courtesy of Russia's cheap gas may shut down Kazakhstani oil refineries: Minister of Energy Cheap gas from Russia can put a stop to the work of Kazakhstan’s oil refineries.
26 января 2015
© Fuel eco-standards in Kazakhstan: how feasible? Kazakhstan is introducing new ecological standards for engine fuel. But experts have some doubts about the effectiveness of this measure.
20 января 2015
©REUTERS Coal-to-gasoline plant to be launched in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan is launching an experimental complex for processing of brown cowl into gasoline and fuel in 2015.
12 января 2015
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan bans fuel export Kazakhstan has introduced a half-year ban on export of fuel outside the territory of the Customs Union.
04 января 2015
©Turar Kazangapov What's with the gasoline prices in Kazakhstan? Kazakh government is lowering gasoline prices. But for how long? And does it address the fuel deficit in the country?
11 декабря 2014
©Turar Kazangapov Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan break fuel for water stalemate, reach energy agreement Heads of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have had talks in Astana and reached a set of important agreements.
17 ноября 2014
G20 states spend $88bn in fossil fuel exploration subsidies: report Leading world economies are spending $88 billion (71 billion euros) a year in fossil fuel exploration subsidies.
11 ноября 2014
Photo RIA Novosti/Boris Babanov Scientists in Kazakhstan suggest turning gas into gasoline Scientists from Kazakhstan say they've created a technology to transform oil-associated gas into gasoline and diesel.
08 ноября 2014
Tengrinews file photo Communists in Kazakhstan slam decision to abandon construction of oil refinery The People's Communist Party has tagged the decision to abandon construction of the 4th oil refinery in Kazakhstan ill judged and said problems had to be solved by the government not shifted to the shoulders of the citizens.
07 ноября 2014
©Yaroslav Radlovsky Fuel market risks in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan has only three oil refineries, which are not only few but also outdated.
23 сентября 2014
First Vice-Minister of Kazakhstan Uzakpai Karabalin. Photo courtesy of Fuel deficit in Kazakhstan is there to stay: Vice-Minister Kazakhstan's 1st Deputy Minister announced that the country could not fully meet its domestic demand.
16 сентября 2014
©Yaroslav Radlovsky Transition to gas pumps in Kazakhstan complilcated, gasoline deficit remains One of the possible ways to address the recurring gasoline deficit in Kazakhstan is transitioning to gas from petrol and gasoline products. This is easier to say than to do, however.
09 сентября 2014

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