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Scientists in Kazakhstan suggest turning gas into gasoline 08 ноября 2014, 19:58

Scientists from Kazakhstan say they've created a technology to transform oil-associated gas into gasoline and diesel.
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Photo RIA Novosti/Boris Babanov Photo RIA Novosti/Boris Babanov

Kazakhstani scientists are proposing to build mini-plants to produce gasoline and diesel fuel from oil-associated gas that is traditionally flared, Tengrinews reports citing the press-service of the National Center for Scientific and Technical Information.

Scientists at the Sokolovsky Institute of Organic Catalysis and Electrochemistry have developed a technology to produce synthetic gasoline and diesel fuel from associated gas. Mini-plants with this technology can be placed directly at an oil production site. In addition, the cost of such a plant is comparable to the cost of transporting the gas to the existing processing facilities that are often located hundreds of kilometers away from the production sites.

Fuel from “dry” natural gas has been produced for quite some time in the world. However, oil-associated gas requires a special technology. It contains water and other impurities and it is more difficult to transport and process. 

Our scientists have developed their own catalysts and methods to obtain a mixture of carbon and hydrogen, from which gasoline and diesel fuel is later produced. The technology promises to open new avenues.

Experts claim that their technology allows for production of synthetic fuel that is of high quality, unblended with lead or sulfur. If necessary, chemists can arrange a cheaper processing cycle, converting the gas into liquid petroleum fractions suitable for transportation via a pipeline. This additive will improve the quality of Kazakh oil that contains a fair amount of paraffin and other impurities, making it less viscous and more convenient for swapping.

By Dinara Urazova

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