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01.09.2016 13:27 Finance
A European lobby group in China on Thursday slammed the country's unequal investment landscape.
13.11.2015 16:54 Markets
According to German Deutsche Welle, sharp tenge depreciation caused some foreign workers, who came to Kazakhstan for better prospects, to consider going back home.
06.08.2015 16:58 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan government has revised the decree that made many popular resorts a special border zone requiring special passes. Foreigners will no longer have to obtain permits to visit them.
22.07.2015 18:45 Laws, Initiatives
The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan reports that foreigners are now committing more administrative offences.
21.07.2015 16:24 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakh Government has decreed to create wide belts near the county's border and make them off-limits for foreigners unless they acquire a special pass. Several very popular tourist destinations of Kazakhstan are within the limits of the new belts.
16.02.2015 16:57 Markets
China is the source of the largest portion of migrant workers in Kazakhstan.
16.01.2015 16:54 Sport
Foreign athletes will be competing for Kazakhstan at the Rio Olympics in 2016.
16.10.2014 20:26 Politics
Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not planning to extend the visa free entrance regime for 10 countries.
28.05.2014 18:24 Laws, Initiatives
Foreign visitors arriving to Kazakhstan can now register with the Migration Police in their hotels.
21.04.2014 14:16 Emergencies
A passenger bus plunged into a ravine after leaving a Malaysian island resort, killing a British man and injuring 40 others, mostly foreign tourists, police said.
23.03.2014 17:31 People
International adoption is the only chance for many sick Kazakhstani orphans, believes a philanthropist and the director oа Compassion charity foundation Aruzhan Sain.
11.03.2014 17:40 Entertainment, Style
Some 32.3 million tourists say France's city of light and romance can't be beat.
03.03.2014 11:59 Health
More cases of false diagnosing of orphans have been discovered in South Kazakhstan Oblast.
21.12.2013 12:55 Finance
Foreign and Brazilian tourists are expected to spend $10.4 billion during next year's World Cup, more than the public funds invested for staging the event, the Brazilian tourism board said Friday.
07.11.2013 23:53 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan is planing to legal create conditions to bring in experienced guest workers to construct the EXPO-2017 facilities.
23.07.2013 14:57 Crime
The man who attacked three foreigners in Aktau will undergo a psychiatric check.
22.07.2013 14:22 Crime
A man attacked three foreigners on July 20 near Alatau mall in Aktau.
23.04.2013 12:59 Politics
Minister Manybayev was asked in the Majilis about the social inequality of Kazakhstan citizens and foreigners working in oil and gas.
09.04.2013 15:59 Companies
A prosecutors check in Kyzylorda has unveiled a huge difference in the salaries of local and foreign employees.
03.04.2013 14:33 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan government approved the quotas for attraction of the foreign labor for the priority project on reconstruction and modernization of Atyrau oil refinery.
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