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03.09.2014 14:38 Environment
The outgoing head of the fisheries management body has warned that some tuna stocks were now so low they should not be fished.
01.09.2014 17:51 Politics
The Commission on Aquatic Bioresources of the Caspian Sea has approved the project on preservation and rational use of aquatic bioresources of the Caspian Sea, and sturgeons in particular.
26.08.2014 19:03 Fun Stuff
A goliath grouper has eaten a four-foot blacktip shark in just one bite. The video capturing the shark being swallowed by the giant grouper went viral on the Internet.
21.05.2014 20:18 Environment
Eco Mangystau, a non-governmental agency, reported a mass fish die-off in Kazakhstan's section of the Caspian sea.
11.04.2014 18:46 Environment
Atyrau fishers from Amangeldi Production Cooperation have caught a giant sturgeon in the Caspian sea.
10.03.2014 11:18 Environment
A 10-metre (33-foot) whale died on Sunday after becoming tangled in a Tunisian fisherman's nets off the coast of Sidi Bou Said town north of the capital Tunis.
07.12.2013 12:36 Environment
He comes from a proud line of fishermen, but 23-year-old Ng Ka-Ho is unsure of his future nearly one year after a ban on trawling in Hong Kong hastened the local industry's decline.
31.05.2013 13:22 Emergencies
Eight fishermen who had gone missing after Hurricane Barbara hit southern Mexico returned to shore Thursday after riding out the storm by eating shrimp on an island, but authorities were still searching for four other sailors.
14.05.2013 15:04 Unrest
Angry Taiwanese fishermen burned Filipino flags in protest Monday after the Philippine coastguard fired on a Taiwan fishing boat killing a crew member.
28.02.2013 15:18 Strange News
Bakhtiyar Tolumetov, a fisherman from South Kazakhstan Oblast, caught the giant 150kg catfish for the first time in twenty years.
06.11.2012 15:44 Strange News
It still remains a puzzle how the fish got to the freshwater lake and how it managed to survive in such an unusual habitat.
22.08.2011 15:17 Kazakhstan
An Astana resident has caught a 6-kilo fish at the Grebnoy Canal in the centre of the city.
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