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Fisherman from southern Kazkahstan catches 150kg catfish 28 февраля 2013, 15:18

Bakhtiyar Tolumetov, a fisherman from South Kazakhstan Oblast, caught the giant 150kg catfish for the first time in twenty years.
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150-kg catfish. ©tengrinews.kz 150-kg catfish. ©tengrinews.kz
A citizen of South Kazakhstan oblast has caught a giant 150-kg catfish in the Syrdarya River, Tengrinews.kz reports. According to fisherman Bakhtiyar Tolumetov, this was the first time in twenty years that he caught such a huge fish. He said that seven people helped him drag the fish out of the water. “First I caught a small fish and decided to catch a bigger one using the small one as a bait. But I wasn't expecting anything that big,” he said. Local residents are not visiting Tolumetov’s house to see the fish that is 2.8 meters long. According to the fishermen this catfish is quiet young in spite of its size and that’s why it is very skinny. “If it had lived in the Syrdarya waters longer, it would have grown even bigger,” the fishermen said.

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