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25.07.2016 14:51 Unrest
A Syrian migrant set off an explosive device near a music festival in southern Germany that killed himself and wounded a dozen others.
15.03.2016 17:26 Unrest
A car bomb killed a driver travelling down a street in central Berlin on Tuesday; investigators suspected that it was a case of homicide.
07.06.2014 14:00 Crime
A man armed with guns and explosives was killed and a police officer wounded in a shootout Friday at a courthouse in the US state of Georgia, authorities said.
25.05.2014 14:09 Unrest
Security was tight Saturday in Urumqi, the capital of China's Xinjiang, two days after the volatile Muslim Uighur homeland suffered its bloodiest attack in years, leaving 43 people dead, including four assailants.
14.02.2014 12:50 Military
The British government held an emergency meeting Thursday after a string of crude but potentially viable explosive devices were mailed to armed forces recruitment offices.
21.01.2014 20:10 Unrest
Pakistani police have arrested three men and seized 100 kilograms of explosives in a raid in the capital Islamabad, officers said Tuesday, following two deadly Taliban attacks on military targets.
31.12.2013 16:11 Entertainment, Style
Sydney promised an unprecedented fireworks spectacular to kick off global new year celebrations Tuesday, the first in a wave of pyrotechnics to usher in 2014 from Hong Kong to world record-chasing Dubai.
25.09.2013 18:40 Emergencies
Explosive experts searched Wednesday for possible booby-traps in the wreckage of a Nairobi shopping mall after a four-day bloodbath by Islamist gunmen, as fears grew over the fate of dozens still missing.
02.09.2013 12:40 Crime
A Greek coroner involved in terrorism investigations escaped injury on Sunday after a letter bomb he received went off.
06.06.2013 13:18 Politics
Kazakhstan General Prosecutor Askhat Daulbayev told about gross violations in control over explosives in Kazakhstan.
21.12.2011 12:57 Emergencies
Molotov Cocktails (flammable liquid) were found at the attic floors and in the cellars of Zhanaozen residential buildings.