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11.08.2014 00:49 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakh-Chinese joint elevator plant has been unveiled in Astana, Kazakhstan's capital.
11.07.2014 19:56 Emergencies
Four people, including a U.S. citizen, have been injured in an elevator fall at the Medical University in Karaganda in central Kazakhstan.
16.05.2014 11:56 Cinema, Music
Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce's sister say they have apologized to each other and agreed to "move forward" after an "unfortunate" fight in an elevator, which became public with a leaked video.
13.05.2014 10:14 Cinema, Music
A hip New York hotel said Monday it's investigating how surveillance video of Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles attacking brother-in-law Jay-Z in an elevator wound up on an Internet gossip site.
15.02.2014 12:25 Emergencies
Five miners died when an elevator they were riding in plunged down a shaft at a zinc and silver mine in northern Mexico.
06.11.2013 11:52 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan's Ministry of Industry and New Technologies is planning to build a plant to produce elevators together with a Chinese company.
27.08.2013 13:28 Emergencies
More details of the deadly accident involving an elevator shaft fall in Kazakhstan Hotel in Almaty have been unveiled.
26.08.2013 19:58 Emergencies
A man has fallen down an elevator shaft in Kazakhstan Hotel in Almaty city.
13.06.2012 18:49 Markets
29 million tons of grain was harvested last year and 10.8 million tons are currently stored in the elevators and grain reception centers.
26.08.2011 16:41 Markets
500 thousand tons of grain will be transported from grain yielding northern parts to the west and south of the country.