Details of deadly accident in Kazakhstan Hotel unveiled

27 august 2013, 13:28
Details of deadly accident in Kazakhstan Hotel unveiled - Kazakhstan hotel. Photo courtesy of
Kazakhstan hotel. Photo courtesy of
More details of the deadly accident involving an elevator shaft fall in Kazakhstan Hotel in Almaty have been unveiled, reports.

On August 25 a 20-y.o. man fell into an elevator shaft to his death. The press-service of the Almaty Internal Affairs Department reported that victim and his friend were meeting Slim band in Almaty.

"The man's friend organized Slim's concert in Almaty. After the concert the two men accommodated the musicians at Kazakhstan Hotel and decided to stay at the hotel for the night as well, as they were drunk," the Department commented the accident.

According to the police, the victim had a fight with a backing vocalist of the band early in the morning. A lot of stains of reddish brown color were discovered in their room. Their samples were taken to a laboratory for tests.

According to the musician's testimony, they continued drinking alcohol in the room and the to-be-fall-victim started to behave aggressively. They had a fight. The fight was stopped by the organizer of the concert.

"At 9 a.m. the victim's mother arrived to the hotel. She was requested by the hotel to pay the damage caused by her son to the hotel and take him home. He went down to her car and then suddenly said he had to return upstairs because he forgot his cell phone. Some time later his body was discovered in the elevator shaft," the police said.

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