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Kazakhstan grain elevators being checked before new harvest 13 июня 2012, 18:49

29 million tons of grain was harvested last year and 10.8 million tons are currently stored in the elevators and grain reception centers.
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Kazakhstan elevators are scheduled to be checked to make sure they are ready to accept and store the new harvest, Tengrinews.kz reports citing chairman of the agricultural state inspection commission of Kazakhstan Agriculture Ministry Sektash Khassenov. "We have 221 licensed grain reception centers. They have to perform all the necessary works to be ready to accept the new harvest. In this relation Agriculture Ministry and the inspection commission is to check the elevators to make sure they are prepared to accept the new harvest," Khassenov said. "We understand very well that the elevators are loaded and it is problematic to make the preparation works. But there is still time to do all the work properly," he added. According to him, 29 million tons of grain were harvested last year. According to oblast authorities, 10.8 million tons are currently stored in the elevators and grain reception centers: 10.2 million tons of bread grain and 500 thousand tons of feeder grain. "Taking into account these remaining amounts, the government is taking all the necessary measures to get the elevators unloaded to their maximum before the period of the new grain storage," Khassenov said and added that a decision was made to transfer 500 thousand tons of grain from the most loaded grain reception centers to the more or less free elevators in other oblasts. As of today Kazakhstan has exported around 11 million tons of wheat: around 1 million per month. Another 3 million tons are to be dispatched before September 1, according to Khassenov. Chairman of the commission says that the Ministry is also planning to expand the existing ones and construct new grain storage facilities to add 1.5 million tons to the current capacity. Three elevators will be built this year. By Aidana Ussupova

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