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29.08.2015 15:08 Science, Technologies
The Pentagon is building a tech hub in Silicon Valley to help create new gadgetry for the supersoldiers of the future as well as tech-savvy consumers.
31.03.2015 15:50 Companies
Samsung and LG agreed to end all pending legal disputes that had seen the South Korean electronics rivals accuse each other of stealing technology and vandalising products.
07.01.2015 15:33 Cinema, Music
Rock star Neil Young announced his high-resolution music player Pono to the general public after delivering some 20,000 devices to Kickstarter supporters.
06.01.2015 11:50 Gadgets
LG Electronics promised to take some of the hassle out of doing laundry with a first-ever washing machine setup.
26.12.2014 15:59 Companies
South Korean prosecutors raided the Seoul headquarters of LG Electronics following allegations that the firm's executives vandalised their rival Samsung's washing machines.
14.10.2014 19:15 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstani scientists have developed a battery with a capacity times higher than in those currently available.
11.10.2014 12:47 Gadgets
Audio technology veteran Bose Corporation and Beats Electronics called a ceasefire in a lawsuit over patented technology for canceling noise in earphones.
03.10.2014 18:09 Politics
United Nations will help Kazakhstan to develop electronic government as Kazakh government ratifies agreement on cooperation.
23.09.2014 15:27 Gadgets
Philips said Tuesday it would split the 120-year-old Dutch giant in two.
25.08.2014 13:43 Laws, Initiatives
E-cigarettes should be subject to the same regulations as cigarettes and should not be sold to minors.
20.08.2014 10:43 Science, Technologies
The octopus's ability to camouflage itself has inspired a new kind of thin, flexible fabric that can automatically match patterns.
17.06.2014 23:58 Companies
Russian businessman Roman Abramovich has invested $10 million into an Israeli start-up StoreDot, a bio-organic materials based electronics developer.
30.05.2014 03:29 Health
The e-cigarette was pushed centre stage ahead of World No Tobacco Day, with doctors and policy experts urging the UN's health agency to embrace the gadget as a life saver.
29.04.2014 20:04 Books
The Pulitzer Prize-winning US classic "To Kill a Mockingbird" will appear as an e-book for the first time this summer, publishing house HarperCollins said.
26.04.2014 10:51 Health
Singaporeans are defying a ban on electronic cigarettes despite stiff fines for distributors and smugglers, health authorities said.
18.03.2014 17:58 Gadgets
Japan's Toshiba on Tuesday unveiled a breathalyser which it says can detect a wide range of diseases just 30 seconds after users blow into the machine.
09.01.2014 13:08 Gadgets
There's a sensor in a bra, in your socks, on your wrist, attached to your chest, in the ears: wearable tech is spreading all over the body.
12.12.2013 14:58 Companies
South Korea's Samsung on Thursday lost its latest claim in a long-running global copyright battle against bitter rival Apple, a surprise blow to the electronics giant in its home market.
27.11.2013 16:03 Companies
Japan's Panasonic is nearing a deal to sell three domestic semiconductor plants to an Israeli company as it presses ahead with a move to cut money-losing operations, a report said Wednesday.
14.11.2013 15:22 Laws, Initiatives
The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) said Wednesday it will allow passengers to use a range of mobile electronic devices in flight with very few restrictions.
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