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'Super' battery being developed in Kazakhstan 14 октября 2014, 19:15

Kazakhstani scientists have developed a battery with a capacity times higher than in those currently available.
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Photo courtesy of kakprosto.ru Photo courtesy of kakprosto.ru

Kazakhstani scientists are preparing to unveil their new invention – a battery of increased capacity, Tengrinews correspondent reports citing Nazarbayev University professor Zhumabai Bakenov. The prototype device will be available in 2016.

Now the scientists are working on improving the technology and creating a prototype battery with a theoretical capacity and operating time 15 times higher than in those currently available.

The scientist said that originally the technology was developed for use in large facilities with high power, in cars and renewable energy plants. “But, in principle, the batteries can be installed in handheld devices, such as laptops," the professor said.

He noted that such a battery can be used as a device to equalise the flow of electricity that comes from wind and solar plants, to store energy and supply electricity to consumers at peak times.

He added that if work with high currents succeeded, they would create a method for producing batteries for consumer electronics and mobile devices. "We talked with the companies engaged in production of equipment for renewable energy and we want to test the technology at power stations," Bakenov said.

"Best of all is to put domestic production on track. If we have sponsors, we are ready to think about starting production the batteries, but it is very difficult. Therefore, most likely, we will be offering licensing - sale of rights for using of technology. But for the time being our main goal is to produce a secure battery," the scientist added.

The idea was presented to the head of the Ministry of Education and Science Aslan Sarinzhipov during his visit to Technopark Nazarbayev University. During the meeting the Minister suggested creating a super battery for iPhone. Bakenov though answered there was no special equipment in Kazakhstan for this purpose.

Reporting by Dmitry Khegai, writing by Dinara Urazova

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