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Head of CIS observers mission Sergey Lebedev. CIS observers tagged Kazakhstan Senate elections open and transparent Observers of the CIS mission have concluded that the Kazakhstan Senate elections complied with the country’s legislation.
22 августа 2011
Chairman of the CEC Kuandyk Turgankulov. ©Maksim Popov Preliminary results of Senate election Preliminary lists of the new Senators have been made available.
20 августа 2011
Illustration by Voting at Senate elections completed in most of Kazakhstan The final results will be announced by the CEC today, August 19, at 5:00 p.m. Astana time.
19 августа 2011
Kazakhstan Senate. Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev Kazakhstan Senate elections are held in "calm and serious" atmosphere No violations were registered during elections to Kazakhstan Senate as of 11 a.m. August 19.
19 августа 2011
Akhan Bizhanov. Photo courtesy of Akhan Bizhanov elected as Senator from Almaty The majority of Almaty Maslikhat voted for Akhan Bizhanov at Senate deputies elections.
19 августа 2011
Illustration by Kazakhstan Senate elections are held today Voting of Maslikhat deputies of different levels started at 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Astana time in 16 regions of the country.
19 августа 2011 stock photo Number of Senate candidates went down to 39 Seven out of 46 contestants of Kazakhstan Senate seats withdrew.
18 августа 2011
CEC. ©Vladimir Dmitriyev Kazakhstan CEC accredited 60 international observers for Senate elections Kazakhstan CEC accredited 60 observers from international organization for elections of Senate deputies scheduled for August 19.
11 августа 2011
Senate candidates start campaigning July 30 The CEC has registered a total of 52 candidates (against 47 in 2005 and 50 in 2008). Candidates registration in Aktyubinsk oblast is not closed yet.
01 августа 2011
The Central Election Commission. Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev© Kazakhstan CEC made an exception for Aktobe oblast Deadlines for nomination and registration of candidates to the Kazakhstan Senate have been put off for Aktobe oblast.
25 июля 2011
Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev© Nomination of Senate candidates completed in Kazakhstan Nominarion period has finished. Registration of candidates will last until July 29.
20 июля 2011
Photo courtesy of No money for early Majilis elections: Chairman of the Kazakhstan’s Central Election Commission According to him, elections to the Majilis and maslikhats [local representative bodies] will be held in 2012.
08 июля 2011 stock photo 54 Kazakhstan Senate candidates registered The total number of contenders, both registered and unregistered, is currently 86.
01 июля 2011
Senate. Photo courtesy of 19 Senate seats are up for elections in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan's Central Election Commission has approved the calendar plan of the Senate elections.
16 июня 2011
Kazakhstan Senate elections set for August 19 Nursultan Nazarbayev appointed Kazakhstan Parliamentary elections for August 19.
15 июня 2011
Karim Massimov  Massimov congratulated Turkish Prime-Minister on his party's victory in elections Karim Massimov congratulated his Turkish counterpart with the victory of his Party of Justice and Development in the parliamentary elections.
13 июня 2011
90 percent in Kazakhstan trust Nazarbayev Sociologists published results of the survey held in the mid April in 16 major cities of Kazakhstan. 88.8% trust President Nursultan Nazarbayev, 65.5% trust Prime-Minister Karim Massimov, 61.1% trust the Government.
22 апреля 2011

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