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21.10.2016 15:26 Disasters
The quake, at a shallow depth of 10 kilometres (six miles), struck shortly after 2:00 pm (0500 GMT) in Tottori prefecture.
25.08.2016 16:00 Disasters
The death toll from a powerful earthquake in central Italy rose to 247 on Thursday amid fears many more corpses would be found.
24.08.2016 13:54 Disasters
A powerful 6.2-magnitude earthquake devastated mountain villages in central Italy on Wednesday, leaving at least 18 people dead and many more unaccounted for.
08.02.2016 14:53 Science, Technologies
Magnitude 6.4 earthquake in Taiwan highlighted what is needed to build a structure that can withstand seismic shocks.
06.01.2016 21:47 Politics
Kazakhstan denounced North Korea’s test of hydrogen bomb and violation of UN Security Council’s nonproliferation resolutions.
06.01.2016 19:24 Military
North Korea said it had successfully tested a miniature hydrogen bomb. If confirmed, this would place it among a small group of countries with such dangerous weapons.
28.10.2015 12:00 Emergencies
Desperate survivors appealed for food and blankets after a devastating earthquake killed more than 360 people in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
16.06.2015 16:41 Environment
The world's tallest peak, Mount Everest, moved three centimetres (1.2 inches) to the southwest because of the Nepal earthquake that devastated the country in April.
08.05.2015 19:08 People
A woman from Kazakhstan was in the capital of Nepal, when the earthquake hit the country. She survived.
05.05.2015 20:21 Finance
Recommendations that may bring good results in Nepal: Rethinking monetary policy in order to take into consideration the growing economic relation with China, pushing for a Roosevelt infrastructure plan, developing the hydro energy sector.
04.05.2015 18:42 Politics
Kazakhstan will render assistance to Nepal.
25.04.2015 15:14 Disasters
A powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, causing massive damage in the capital Kathmandu with strong tremors felt across neighbouring countries.
11.04.2015 14:29 Environment
The mass beaching of more than 150 melon-headed whales on Japan's shores has fuelled fears of a repeat of a seemingly unrelated event in the country.
16.03.2015 02:13 Disasters
A strong earthquake happened very close to Almaty on March 15. It was very clearly felt in the city.
17.02.2015 14:14 Disasters
A strong undersea earthquake unleashed a small tsunami off the same coastline of northern Japan devastated by a tsunami in 2011.
17.01.2015 15:05 Disasters
Japan marked the 20th anniversary of the Kobe earthquake that killed more than 6,400 people.
09.01.2015 13:21 Politics
US officials admitted that Washington had been over ambitious in its plans to help Haiti in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake.
06.01.2015 13:21 Disasters
New Zealand scientists warned South Island residents to expect a swarm of aftershocks following a strong early morning six-magnitude earthquake.
04.12.2014 14:20 Disasters
Kazakhstan's Almaty has felt yet another earthquake this morning.
25.11.2014 10:19 Disasters
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised "firm" support after meeting victims of a weekend earthquake.
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