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© Earth sees hottest year-to-date in modern era: US The first 10 months of this year have been the hottest in modern times, while last month was the third warmest October over since 1880.
18 ноября 2016
The 'egg carton' stromatolites at the Trendall Reserve are among the oldest known structures regarded as biogenic in origin.  Photo courtesy of New fossils show life on Earth at least 3.7bn years old Life on Earth is even older than we though - fossils dating back a staggering 3.7 billion years have been discovered.
01 сентября 2016
Senate Speaker Kassym-Jomart Tokayev speaks at the international conference "The new paradigm of sustainable human development. G-Global – a format for global dialogue" Democracy cannot be imposed: Kazakh Senate Speaker Tokayev Senate Speaker Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has expressed his view that democratization is a dynamic process, and therefore democracy cannot be artificially accelerated or imposed.
07 ноября 2014
NASA asteroid defense program falls short: audit The US space agency's program to detect and protect the Earth from incoming asteroids is poorly managed and far behind schedule.
16 сентября 2014
Cambridge University Professor James Jackson. Photo courtesy of Devastating earthquake in Kazakhstan both distant and imminent: Cambridge Professor Almaty city in southern Kazakhstan should study active seismic faults to be better prepared for a new devastating earthquake that is "more likely to happen than not".
09 сентября 2014
Orbital cargo ship makes planned re-entry to Earth Unmanned Cygnus cargo ship disintegrated as planned as it re-entered Earth's atmosphere after a month-long resupply mission.
18 августа 2014
'Godzilla' of Earths circles distant star Astronomers have spotted the "Godzilla" of all Earths, a huge rocky planet orbiting a star 560 light years away that is changing scientists' understanding of the origins of the universe.
03 июня 2014
Proton-M launch. ©РИА Новости Proton-M crash causes no environmental damage to Kazakhstan: Kazkosmos The recent accident with the Russian Proton-M carrier rocket has not caused any damage to the environment of Kazakhstan.
18 мая 2014
©Reuters Russian Proton rocket falls back to Earth after liftoff A Russian Proton rocket carrying a European-built satellite fell back to Earth on Friday shortly after liftoff in the latest accident to hit the country's once-proud space industry.
16 мая 2014
Europe launches environment satellite Europe on Thursday launched the first in a constellation of hi-tech satellites designed to monitor Earth for climate change and environmental damage and help disaster relief operations.
04 апреля 2014
©Reuters Space rock craze hits South Korea after meteor shower A corner of South Korea is in the grip of a frenzied hunt for valuable space souvenirs, following a rare meteor shower there last week.
18 марта 2014
When stars explode, it's a messy business When stars explode, it's a messy business. But the massive blasts are also useful, seeding the universe with such key elements as calcium, iron and titanium.
21 февраля 2014
©Reuters/Henry Romero Mass extinction happened fast: study Something wiped out nearly all life on Earth more than 250 million years ago, and whatever unleashed this mass die-off acted much faster than previously thought.
11 февраля 2014
©Reuters/Ali Jarekji 'Oldest star' found from iron fingerprint: astronomers Australian astronomers on Sunday said they had found a star 13.6 billion years old, making it the most ancient star ever seen.
10 февраля 2014
Photo courtesy of More than 1,000 chosen for one-way Mars reality-TV mission More than 1,000 candidates -- from 200,000 hopefuls -- have been chosen to train for a private Mars colonisation mission to be partly funded by a reality-TV show following their training and subsequent steps, organisers said Thursday.
03 января 2014
Comet ISON vanishes as it circles the sun Comet ISON appears to have flown too close to the surface of the sun Thursday and vanished as it circled the fiery surface, astronomers said.
29 ноября 2013
Comet ISON. ©Reuters/Aaron Kingery/NASA/MSFC/Handout via Will comet ISON survive its near brush with the Sun? US astrophysicists are split over what will happen when the comet ISON passes near the sun Thursday, but a majority think it will break apart.
27 ноября 2013
©Reuters Satellites to probe Earth's strange shield Europe next week will launch a trio of hi-tech satellites to explore something that may seem utterly mundane: Earth's magnetic field.
18 ноября 2013
Kumis Bazarbayeva. Personal archive photo Kumis Bazarbayeva presents introduction video at Miss Earth 2013 Kumis Bazarbayeva, Miss Asiada, will represent Kazakhstan at the Miss Earth 2013 to be held on December 7 in the Philippines.
18 ноября 2013
Indian Mars mission suffers glitch but 'no setback' India's Mars spacecraft suffered a brief engine failure Monday as scientists tried to move it into a higher orbit around Earth, but controllers denied any setback to the ambitious low-cost mission.
12 ноября 2013

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