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Kazakhstan mulls ban on energy drinks


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Kazakhstan may introduce a ban on energy drinks, Tengrinews reports citing Kazakhstan's Ministry of National Economy.

Kazakhstan may introduce a ban on energy drinks, Tengrinews reports citing Kazakhstan's Ministry of National Economy.

“According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, in the fight against non-communicable diseases one of the ways to reduce the diseases of cardiovascular and nervous system as well as those of gastrointestinal tract is to limit the consumption of energy drinks. In this regard, the Committee (Committee on Consumer Protection of Kazakhstan) is studying the expediency of banning energy drinks in Kazakhstan," the Ministry said.

There is a resolution of Kazakhstan's Chief Sanitary Doctor that prohibits sale of drinks containing tonic components in schools and higher educational institutions, health care organizations and during cultural events with the participation of teenagers and young people. "But this is obviously not enough. We need to tighten the legal base regulating the sale and use of energy drinks in our country," the Ministry said.

According to the Committee, many Kazakh young people use energy drinks despite the fact that these soft drinks adversely affect the human health and can cause a dependence. "According to the study of foreign scientists, teens who drink six or more cans of popular energy drinks per month are three times more likely to smoke, take drugs and engage in conflicts," the committee said.

"There is a misconception among drivers, especially truckers, that drinking energy drinks helps them stay alerts and prevents from falling asleep on long trips. In fact, when drinking energy drinks people acquire a good mood and stay active only temporarily, while energy reserves of the body are used up. After a while the person becomes depressed, drowsy and the body needs a rest," the committee said.

"Moreover, combining energy drinks with alcohol is more dangerous than just alcohol, as caffeine from energy drinks increases the effect of alcohol on the brain. In addition, mixing energy drinks with alcohol leads to a severe dehydration and may lead to death," the committee said.

The Committee on Consumer Protection warned that energy drinks were not advised for older people, children under 12 years of age, pregnant and lactating women, people with cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, and increased sensitivity to caffeine.

Energy drinks are also not advised for people who take psychotropic drugs, because the effect of this combination is unpredictable.

"Therefore, more developed countries have ended up banning or significantly limiting this class of beverages. Alcoholic energy drinks containing caffeine are off the shelves in some of the states of America. Energy drinks are officially banned in France, Denmark and Norway, where they are sold only in pharmacies, because they are considered a medicine. In the UK, an official warning about the dangers of any energy drink for pregnant women and children was issued, " the committee's statement said.

Writing by Assel Satubaldina, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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