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03.05.2016 14:10 Entertainment, Style
A rare violet diamond, the largest of its kind ever found at Australia's remote Argyle mine, will be the centrepiece of annual showcase.
10.02.2016 18:41 Laws, Initiatives
Pakistan asks Britain's Queen Elizabeth II to return the Koh-i-Noor diamond more than 150 years after it was taken from Lahore.
26.06.2015 13:54 Entertainment, Style
Sixty-five extremely rare pink and red diamonds were unveiled Friday by mining giant Rio Tinto which expects the stones from a remote western Australia mine to fetch record prices.
10.12.2014 13:35 Politics
India's gemstone industry will hope to add some sparkle to ties between New Delhi and Moscow this week.
13.09.2014 11:32 Entertainment, Style
Los Angeles County's Natural History Museum unveiled the "Blue Moon Diamond," a 12-carat gem described as one of the rarest stones in the world.
15.05.2014 11:00 Art, Books
A spectacular blue diamond, the largest in its category, fetched a total of $23.79 million (17.35 million euros) at a Christie's auction in Geneva.
14.05.2014 12:56 Art, Books
A 100-carat yellow diamond sold for 14.5 million Swiss francs ($16.3 million,11.9 million euros) at auction in Geneva.
26.04.2014 18:11 Politics
The UN Security Council is set to lift a nearly decade-old embargo on Ivory Coast's international diamond trade and plans to relax its arms embargo there, diplomats said.
28.03.2014 14:05 Entertainment, Style
British jeweller Graff unveiled Thursday what it described as the "most valuable watch ever created" -- a timepiece replete with more than 110 carats of diamonds costing $55 million (40 million euros).
21.02.2014 17:12 Crime
Australian police said Friday they had arrested and X-rayed a man over the theft of a pink diamond worth more than US$180,000, with fears he had swallowed the rare jewel.
12.02.2014 13:17 Entertainment, Style
Prince William's wife Catherine dazzled onlookers at a dinner for London's National Portrait Gallery on Tuesday with a diamond necklace borrowed from the queen.
14.11.2013 11:19 Entertainment, Style
A spectacular and rare orange diamond, the largest known gem of its kind, was on Tuesday auctioned for a record $35.54 million in Geneva.
14.10.2013 17:52 Markets
The annual sale of Rio Tinto's rare pink-hued diamonds attracted unprecedented interest with at least two of the stones fetching record prices of over $2 million.
21.08.2013 17:09 Crime
Two thieves stole a 70,000 euro ($93,000) diamond ring from a Cannes jewellery store on Tuesday, pocketing the gem while a saleslady had her back turned.
17.05.2013 18:29 Companies
Rio Tinto said Friday it was putting up for sale the biggest "red" diamond ever produced by its Australian mine amid an "explosion" in demand from Asia for the rare pink-hued stones.
18.04.2013 10:46 Entertainment, Style
A 34.64-carat pink diamond has sold at auction in New York for nearly $40 million, setting a new record for Christie's auction house.
19.09.2012 13:17 Markets
In the far north of Siberia, Russian scientists have stepped up research on a once-secret deposit of diamonds whose scale dwarfs anything ever discovered and could turn world markets "upside down".
07.07.2012 16:06 Laws, Initiatives
The South American country of Guyana said Friday it had suspended the granting of new permits to mine for gold and diamonds in rivers because of concerns over widespread pollution.