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Photo ©EK/Ilyas Omar Central Asian countries sign Joint Declaration of Partnership and Cooperation with USA Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and the USA have issued the Joint Declaration of Partnership and Cooperation.
23 ноября 2015
Photo courtes of Introduction of across-the-board income and property reporting postponed in Kazakhstan Introduction of across-the-board income and property reporting has been postponed till 2020 in Kazakhstan.
10 сентября 2015
Photo © Airplanes from Slovenia seized by customs in Karaganda Customs in Kazakhstan's Karaganda have seized a batch of single engine airplanes from Eastern Europe.
07 июля 2014
DR Congo, M23 rebels sign peace documents Kinshasa and the M23 rebels signed documents officially burying the hatchet Thursday in Nairobi, a month after the end of the fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
14 декабря 2013
US waiting for Syria chemical arms list With the clock ticking down on a Russian-US deal, the United States said Thursday it expected Syria to hand over a list of its chemical arms within the next few days.
21 сентября 2013
Kazakhstan Senate. Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev© General declaration of incomes and property to be introduced in Kazakhstan by 2017 Kazakhstan Finance Minister talked about its plans to introduce the general declaration of incomes in Kazakhstan.
13 февраля 2013
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