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20.08.2015 19:44 Strange News
A humoristic anti-corruption campaign in Kazakhstan's Kostanai turns sour?
17.08.2015 20:26 Politics
Experts discuss the replacement of Akim of Almaty Akhmetzhan Yessimov with a young career official Baurzhan Baibek.
29.05.2015 13:39 Politics
A comprehensive plan to implement Nazarbayev's five reforms has been released in Kazakhstan.
06.05.2015 23:52 Politics
President of Kazakhstan says that wages should be paid to civil servants based on performance and that the country provides ample opportunities to hard-working people.
02.05.2015 02:17 Politics
Anti-corruption Agency of Kazakhstan is considering cooperation with foreign experts in order to fulfill the 5 institutional reforms proposed by Nazarbayev.
22.04.2015 17:30 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has addressed young people in Astana and urged them to help build the civil service based on meritocracy in Kazakhstan.
26.09.2014 13:56 Politics
A Chinese delegation has come to Kazakhstan to discuss governance and corruption.
12.08.2014 15:25 Politics
Tengrinews has interviewed Kazakhstani political experts about the effects of the government reorganisation.
08.08.2014 18:06 Politics
Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev said that civil servants were the primary source of various rumours.
06.08.2014 19:12 Politics
Kazakhstan has abolished its Financial Police. President Nazarbayev made the announcement.
27.07.2014 17:43 Laws, Initiatives
A nationwide anti-corruption movement Zhanaru was initiated in Kazakhstan in the beginning of this year.
13.03.2014 12:51 Politics
At the Parliament meeting the amendments to the 2014 budget included increase of expenses on a number of state programs.
29.04.2013 16:58 Politics
The Greek parliament voted late Sunday to adopt a law that provides for the dismissal of 15,000 civil servants as part of austerity measures imposed by the country's international creditors.
18.10.2012 13:51 Politics
"Politics is an ugly business," says an official in Chinese author Wang Xiaofang's novel, The Civil Servant's Notebook. "You always need to keep a knife in reserve, even for your own boss."