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Civil servants responsible for spreading rumors in Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev 08 августа 2014, 18:06

Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev said that civil servants were the primary source of various rumours.
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©Tengrinews illustration ©Tengrinews illustration

Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev has criticized civil servants for having meetings to often and called them the primary source of rumours in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports.

"There should be a clear schedule of all the meetings: meetings in the ministries - on Tuesdays: government meetings before lunch and ministerial ones in the afternoon. That is it. People should spend time working. I will set a day for presidential meetings, too. I will be receiving people on Mondays, doing the work, and (having the followup) meetings on Fridays, for example. Make a clear schedule for the Oblasts, too, so that they do not go from meeting to meeting, some people like it – to go there, sit back and talk. And then they walk out and go spreading various rumors.

"Just so you know, most part of the rumors in Kazakhstan are started by civil servants, including the negative rumours. This is a confirmed fact. They sit in front of the computers that were paid for from the the state budget and chat about something random. Catch them in the act, punish them and fire them. We have all (the equipment) we need to monitor (their work)," the President said.

“Crucial development programs have been developed and approved. But their implementation is hampered, there is no efficiency and flexibility. There is a complex, multi-tier system in the ministries. Look, I give instructions to the Prime Minister, he refers them to his deputy, the deputy sends them to the minister, the minister - to his deputy minister, the deputy minister sends them to a committee, the committee sends them to a department, the department - to the administration, and administration - to an expert. See, how is it possible to do anything in such conditions? In the end, everything is done by an expert. Maybe I should remove everybody else and leave only the experts? Why are you laughing, Yerlan? You have the worst bureaucracy in your Foreign Ministry," Nazarbayev said addressing the Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Yerlan Idrissov.

“In Samruk Kazyna (national wealth fund): they hire some random people and then call them general managers. Some girls fresh from high school. Can’t each of you, statesmen, clean up your ministries and agencies? This is not the issue of saving money. Hire professionals, who will work for ten of those sitting in the offices right now.

“I have gone all the way up the career ladder from the very bottom - from an enterprise to the national level. In a department of 10 people, there are only two who really do the work. Is this not true? All lay loads on a willing horse, and the rest are relaxing, just sitting with a pen and doing nothing, having a driver to take them around and a secretary at the reception,” the president of Kazakhstan said at the extended government meeting in Astana on Wednesday,.

According to Nazarbayev, the army of civil servants in Kazakhstan currently exceeds 90 thousand people. The costs of maintaining the bureaucracy has increased by three and a half times over the past 10 years and now totals at around 600 billion tenge ($3.3 billion) a year.

“Our taxpayers are paying for this out of their pockets. The unwieldy bureaucracy has become a hindrance to implementation of plans, it reduces effectiveness. Therefore, each official in charge must think about improving their institution,” Nazarbayev said.

Reporting by Assemgul Kassenova, writing by Dinara Urazova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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