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14.10.2014 19:36 Science, Technologies
A boy from Kazakhstan has invented a special charging device and has another innovative project in development.
19.02.2014 16:36 Religion
Pastor of the Grace Church Bakhytzhan Kashkumbayev has been given a suspended 4-year sentence in Kazakhstan.
22.01.2014 21:50 Crime
Austrian Prosecutor’s Office may present charges to Rakhat Aliyev as soon as in 2014.
31.12.2013 17:57 Crime
Agency for Fighting Economic and Corruption Crimes (Financial Police) has arrested the Head of Cattle Breeding Department of Agriculture Ministry of Kazakhstan.
04.12.2013 11:03 Crime
A US woman thought to be the first person to get a traffic ticket for wearing Google Glass pleaded not guilty in court Tuesday, her lawyer said.
03.12.2013 16:05 Crime
The High Court of England has supported the claims of BTA Bank and ordered the former Chairman of the bank Mukhtar Ablyazov to return almost $400 million to the bank.
03.12.2013 12:05 Cinema, Music
Bob Dylan has been charged with insulting behaviour and incitement to hatred in France after a Croat group filed a complaint about an interview he gave to Rolling Stone magazine.
01.11.2013 10:21 Cinema, Music
Tempestuous US singer Chris Brown has checked into a California rehab facility two days after being charged over an altercation in Washington.
27.10.2013 16:20 Companies
JPMorgan Chase will pay $5.1 billion to settle charges it overstated the quality of mortgages and mortgage-backed securities sold to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.
05.10.2013 10:01 Crime
Thirteen alleged members of the loosely organized hacker collective known as Anonymous were indicted Thursday in connection with a series of online attacks on US companies and trade groups.
02.10.2013 14:10 Politics
The United States has expelled Venezuela's charge d'affaires in Washington and two other diplomats in reprisal for the expulsion of three American diplomats from Caracas.
06.09.2013 16:31 Cinema, Music
A 45-year-old woman was charged Thursday with stalking US actor John Cusack, whom she allegedly pestered with text, Twitter and other messages for the last three years.
05.09.2013 14:06 Sport
Barcelona star Lionel Messi and his father paid off five million euros ($6.6 million) they owed to the taxman ahead of their court appearance on tax evasion charges.
09.08.2013 13:42 Crime
A federal grand jury in Boston indicted two college students from Kazakhstan on Thursday for allegedly impeding investigators pursuing the Boston Marathon bombers.
31.07.2013 18:59 Politics
The United States voiced concern on Tuesday at charges of potential vote-rigging as Zimbabwe goes to the polls to elect a president.
12.07.2013 10:39 Crime
Three young Malaysian handball players have been charged with raping an official at a national tournament.
09.07.2013 12:01 Crime
China's former railways minister Liu Zhijun was given a suspended death sentence Monday for "especially huge" bribery.
26.06.2013 15:01 Crime
A Lebanese bank accused of laundering money from drugs and other operations for clients tied to Hezbollah militants agreed Tuesday to pay US authorities $102 million to settle the charges.
23.06.2013 16:23 Crime
US authorities have filed espionage charges against rogue intelligence technician Edward Snowden and have asked Hong Kong to detain him.
17.06.2013 19:02 Politics
Activist Chen Guangcheng charged that China waged an "unrelenting" pressure campaign that led New York University to end his studies as he voiced fear for academic freedom in the United States.
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