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Austrian prosecutors may present charges to Rakhat Aliyev shortly 22 января 2014, 21:50

Austrian Prosecutor’s Office may present charges to Rakhat Aliyev as soon as in 2014.
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Rakhat Aliyev. Youtube video frame. Rakhat Aliyev. Youtube video frame.
Austrian Prosecutor’s Office may present charges to Rakhat Aliyev as soon as in 2014, Tengrinews reports referring to the statement of Gabriel Lansky published in Wiener Zeitung. Dr. Lansky is the lawyer of the widows of the two managers of Kazakhstan-based Nurbank allegedly kidnapped by Rakhat Aliyev. Besides other crimes, Aliyev is accused on murder and money laundering. The lawyer revealed that at least some of the documents submitted by Rakhat Aliyev to clear himself of suspicions have been proved to be forged. A U.S. expert on records and forensic examination of writing who works for the international arbitration has proved that the document signed by the Kazakhstan General Prosecutor Ashkat Daulbayev and submitted by Aliyev was forged and planted post factum, Gabriel Lansky said. The expert discovered, that not only the signature was forged, but passages were added. "I must admit, we have underestimated this" at first, but now "real experts from the top world of intelligence are involved" in solving the case, said Dr. Lansky. In the motion filed in his defense, Aliyev claimed he did not know that the document was not authentic. Rakhat Aliyev presented several documents, including the one that turned to be a forgery, during preliminary investigation proceedings against him in Vienna in October 2010. The forged document was withdrawn from evidences immediately after the forgery was discovered. Since the violation was not discovered right away and the case had progressed since then, the documents that were submitted on the basis of the forgery had to be withdrawn as well. Trying to prove that he was persecuted by the Kazakh regime for no good reason, Aliyev planted documents accusing Mr. Alfred Gusenbauer - who allegedly had connections with the Kazakh secret service - of the crimes. However new evidences emerged not long ago to debunk the accusations. According to Dr. Lansky, the General Prosecutor's Office of Vienna recently "became aware of the letter written by some Sergei Z. who lived in Dubai. The man wrote that in 2009 he provided a false alibi of Alnur Musayev for the day of the murder of the bank managers in February 2007." Alnur Musayev is an ex-head of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan who was a suspect in that murder case. In addition to the letter the contact from Dubai included a mini-CD with audio recordings of Skype conversations between Aliyev, Musayev and some Lev Nakhmanovich. These Skype conversations provide proof that the accusations against Alfred Gusenbauer were invented by Aliyev. On the recordings Aliyev gives audible orders to send a letter with allegations against officials of the Federal Police and finally against ex-Chancellor Gusenbauer to the Austrian Embassy to subsequently leak the made up story to the media, as large and influential as possible, said Dr. Lansky. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder were also among those who were tarnished by Aliyev in the "disinformation plan" to cause "damage to the reputation of the special class," said the lawyer. Rakhat Aliyev was convicted in Kazakhstan back in 2008 and sentenced to 20 years in prison for the grave crimes like kidnapping, treason and plotting a coup d'etat. The sentence was given to him in absentia, because starting from 2007 Aliyev was hiding in Austria, later on - in 2010 - he moved his residence to Malta. His case got a new turn in December 2013, when the Kazakhstan Prosecutor's Office released new findings that indicated Rakhat Aliyev as the person who ordered the assassin of the prominent Kazakhstan diplomat Altynbek Sarsenbayev in February 2006. The large-scale investigation that followed the assassination found Yerzhan Utembayev, a former Chief of Staff of the Kazakhstan Senate, to be the one who ordered the resonant assassination.

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