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20.03.2015 17:17 Crime
A second autopsy of Rakhat Aliyev's body confirmed that the former Kazakhstan ambassador to Austria committed suicide.
18.12.2014 12:41 Science, Technologies
Scientists from Kazakhstan have developed a new method of production of artificial blood from petroleum products.
14.12.2014 13:35 Sport
A doping scandal has erupted after The 2014 World Weightlifting Championships that was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on November 8-16.
23.03.2014 13:19 Health
The Astana blood bank has collected around 700 samples of stem cells from umbilical blood and placenta.
17.03.2014 12:28 Sport
An Astana Continental cyclist has had a stroke during his stay in a training camp in Ecuador.
09.12.2013 16:22 Science, Technologies
The oblast's Blood Center based in Karagada city has started producing its own fibrin glue, also known as fibrin sealant.
16.09.2013 13:14 Science, Technologies
A Chinese hospital's request for blood from healthy female virgins for use in medical research has been condemned as insulting to women.
27.07.2013 11:02 Health
A class of drugs designed to lower blood pressure also slightly brakes the progression of dementia among the elderly and may even boost brain power marginally.
17.06.2013 16:45 Health
Blood donors commitment in Kazakhstan leaves much to be desired: deputy Director of the National Blood Center in Almaty.
31.12.2012 11:58 Science, Technologies
Two centuries after the French people beheaded Louis XVI and dipped their handkerchiefs in his blood, scientists believe they have authenticated the remains of one such rag kept as a revolutionary souvenir.
01.09.2012 13:18 Science, Technologies
Ecuador will sue a US lab for possessing and selling blood samples taken under false pretenses from members of a small Amazon tribe.
20.06.2012 19:54 Health
The ambassadors of Serbia, Sweden and France to Kazakhstan became voluntary blood donors at The Scientific and Production Center of Transfusiology in Astana.
15.06.2012 14:22 People
Almaty citizen Aleksander Skakovskiy donated blood for the 900th time on June 14.
01.02.2012 11:31 Health
Around 700 liters of blood are donated in Kazakhstan blood centers daily.