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Karaganda starts producing glue from blood elements 09 декабря 2013, 16:22

The oblast's Blood Center based in Karagada city has started producing its own fibrin glue, also known as fibrin sealant.
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The oblast's Blood Center based in Karagada city has started producing its own fibrin glue, also known as fibrin sealant, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports. "The unique medical glue is manufactured from blood elements. It enables surgeons to make nonsuture surgeries and take control of bleedings faster," the Karaganda oblast's Akimat (Local Authorities) reported. The fibrin glue production line was launched at the Regional Blood Center a few days ago and the product has already been put to use during an operation at the Regional Oncological Dispensary. A live video of the surgery broadcast on a large screen showed the fibrin sealant in action. The glue was sprayed over a quite large injured surface in several layers to form an elastic transparent patch. "Previously we had to close such places, and the procedure wasn’t so fast, besides, it involved bleeding from the injury and loss of blood. Besides, there are cases when damaged areas cannot be isolated right away, and now with the help of the glue the staunching takes only a few seconds," the message says. The Oncological Center is considered the main consumer of the fibrin glue. Its manufacturing line is quite potent and may cover the demand of all the surgeries in the oblast, but the production will be increased only as clinics require. Fibrin glue (also called fibrin sealant) is a formulation used to create a fibrin clot. It is made up of fibrinogen (lyophilised pooled blood plasma), prepared from the donors’ blood, and thrombin (bovine, which is reconstituted with calcium chloride) that are applied to the tissue sites to glue them together. Thrombin is an enzyme and converts fibrinogen into fibrin monomers between 10 and 60 seconds giving rise to a three dimensional gel. The fibrin sealant is very convenient to use in head traumas and abdominal cavity, when the vessel and tissues raptures and a strong hemorrhage of ental organs, especially if the sutures is impractical or ineffective, or The glue is used to seal vascular walls in the cardiovascular surgery, to close large injured surfaces in the pulmonary operations. It is also used as additional seal in the abdominal cavity surgeries and as an addition to the catgut suture in urinology. The glue even used during the kidney transplantation. Besides, it stimulates the adequate healing after surgical or traumatic tissue disruption and prevents of infection, due to its antimicrobial characteristics.

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