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25.08.2016 14:41 People
An angry debate over a ban on burkinis in France was further stoked by images of a veiled woman surrounded by police on a beach in Nice.
10.08.2015 14:43 Industry, Infrastructure
The airport in Shardara town in South Kazakhstan oblast will resume its operation after 20 years of downtime.
21.08.2014 14:17 Entertainment, Style
The sun brollies are up, the beach loungers full and the water is full of daytrippers splashing about.
30.07.2014 11:33 Music
A stampede during a rap concert on a Conakry beach left at least 24 people dead, Guinean hospital officials said.
03.07.2014 01:02 Strange News
A minister in India's resort state of Goa has drawn ridicule by saying women in bikinis should be banned from beaches and girls in short dresses should not visit pubs.
07.10.2013 10:50 Markets
Recent anti-Muslim bloodshed close to Myanmar's most popular tourist beach raises the stakes for an industry dependent on the former pariah state's fluid transition to democracy.
18.06.2013 15:05 Entertainment, Style
A Czech company has built a new resort in Aktau called Tree of Lives.
23.05.2013 10:03 Environment
Hundreds of sunbathers fled a popular Indonesian beach in panic when a four-metre (13-foot) crocodile laid down next to them to soak up some rays.
07.12.2012 10:27 Entertainment, Style
Thousands of years ago, long before Spanish conquistadores raided Mexico, ancient people carved circles, spirals and drawings of bow hunters into volcanic rocks dotting a Pacific beach.
14.09.2011 13:18 Strange News
One of Astana shops started selling Muslim swimwear for women.