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Muslim swimwear appeared in Astana shops 14 сентября 2011, 13:18

One of Astana shops started selling Muslim swimwear for women.
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Photo courtesy of popurri.info Photo courtesy of popurri.info
One of Astana shops started selling Muslim swimwear for women, Express-K writes. Accourding to the shop owner Gulbakhram Akhmedova, burkini swimsuits are made of rubber-coated fabric. The fabric is waterproof; that is why, despite of its size, the swimsuit allows to enjoy swimming. Models with elastic corsets are the most popular among women. “Muslim swimsuits allow the only derogation: they closely fit the woman’s body. That’s why ladies in such swimwear attract many delighted looks on European beaches. I tried it in Greece and proved it myself. Despite of many women wearing bikini, men were looking only at me at Thessaloniki beach,” Akhmedova said. According to her, the price of such swimwear is high. They are not made in China yet, that’s why they don’t cost less than $200.

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