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18.03.2014 14:27 Crime
Police in Australia began digging up a rural property on Tuesday searching for what reports said were "multiple babies" in secret graves.
07.03.2014 14:47 People
Afghan President Hamid Karzai has become a father again at the age of 56 after his wife gave birth to their third child in India.
14.02.2014 16:06 Science, Technologies
Baby talk is more than just bonding: chatting with your infant spurs important brain development that sets the stage for lifelong learning.
10.02.2014 17:35 Science, Technologies
A disposable organic sensor that can be embedded in a diaper and wirelessly let a carer know it needs changing was unveiled by Japanese researchers.
14.01.2014 12:28 Crime
A Chinese court on Tuesday convicted an obstetrician of abducting newborn babies and gave her a suspended death sentence.
12.01.2014 10:58 Health
A 58-year-old Utah woman is expecting a baby she is carrying for her daughter, with plans to give birth to her own granddaughter, reports said Friday.
26.12.2013 10:37 Health
Chinese state-run media and Internet users demanded action Wednesday after the deaths of at least seven babies since November following their vaccinations against hepatitis B.
29.11.2013 10:40 People
A 60-year-old Japanese man switched at birth says he would like to "roll back the clock", days after winning a lawsuit against the hospital that mistakenly cast him into a life of poverty.
27.11.2013 13:40 Markets
The current baby boom in Kazakhstan may entail unemployment after 2020: Vice PM Erbol Orynbayev.
14.11.2013 13:48 Health
A healthy baby boy was born in eastern Hungary after his brain dead mother was kept alive for about three months to bring him to term, a hospital said Wednesday.
02.11.2013 12:39 Industry, Infrastructure
Australia's aviation safety watchdog on Friday said the airline industry could do more to protect children in the air, suggesting the use of child seats similar to those in cars.
01.11.2013 12:20 Entertainment, Style
An act of love between Martin the zebra and Giada the donkey in the romantic Italian city of Florence has produced a rare "zonkey" baby that is drawing crowds to an unusual exotic animal shelter.
30.10.2013 16:07 Laws, Initiatives
Germany on Friday will become the first European country to allow babies born with characteristics of both sexes to be registered as neither male nor female.
24.10.2013 15:50 Health
A little girl who was treated for HIV shortly after birth still shows no sign of infection at age three, suggesting her apparent cure was not a fluke.
24.10.2013 13:38 People
Britain's baby Prince George was christened in a private ceremony on Wednesday, with his proud parents Prince William and Catherine giving the world a rare glimpse of the chubby three-month-old boy.
21.10.2013 15:00 People
Britain's Prince George, the son of Prince William and his wife Catherine, is to be christened on Wednesday in a private family ceremony.
02.09.2013 10:56 People
Prince William's wife Kate on Friday attended her first public event since giving birth to their son five weeks ago.
08.08.2013 12:13 Health
A 40-year-old British woman gave birth Wednesday to the biggest baby ever born naturally in Spain -- a girl weighing 6.2 kilos (13 pounds).
03.08.2013 10:34 Health
Doctors Friday discharged a one-year-old Indian baby who underwent multiple surgery to correct a rare disorder that caused her head to nearly double in size.
25.07.2013 15:01 People
Britain's press on Thursday gave their seal of approval to Prince William and his wife Kate's decision to name their newborn baby boy George Alexander Louis, saying it had "kingly authority".
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