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27.03.2014 15:30 Laws, Initiatives
The US Supreme Court upheld a federal law Wednesday barring anyone convicted of even a minor domestic violence charge from ever owning a gun.
27.02.2014 17:27 Internet
A US appeals court on Wednesday ordered YouTube to take down an anti-Islamic movie that triggered protests in the Muslim world, after an actress alleged she had been duped into appearing in it.
19.02.2014 13:19 Internet
A New Zealand appeals court ruled Wednesday that police acted legally when armed officers raided Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom's Auckland mansion as part of a US-led online piracy probe.
11.02.2014 17:55 Companies
A US appeals court on Monday shot down Apple's bid to derail a court-ordered monitor in its e-book price-fixing case.
16.01.2014 11:20 Crime
A lawyer for exiled Kazakh oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov had appealed a French decision allowing his extradition.
18.10.2013 11:50 Strange News
A Pacific islander is attempting to become the world's first climate change refugee in New Zealand as rising seas threaten his low-lying homeland.
16.08.2013 15:41 Environment
Canadian Pacific Railway will appeal a government order to pay for the clean-up of a deadly train derailment in Canada's Quebec province in July.
27.02.2013 12:59 Environment
A US appeals court has labeled militant conservationist group Sea Shepherd as pirates, and cleared the way for Japanese whalers to pursue legal action against them.
08.02.2013 18:11 People
Aid workers in the conflict-torn Democratic Republic of Congo said Thursday they will need nearly $900 million (673 million euros) to meet the needs of the population this year.
01.10.2012 16:31 Crime
A Russian court on Monday hears the appeal of jailed punk rockers Pussy Riot against a two-year prison camp sentence for performing an anti-Kremlin song in a cathedral.
28.09.2012 18:39 Politics
The leaders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority both address the UN on Thursday, one seeking recognition for his state, the other warning of a dire threat to his.
27.09.2012 11:27 People
Chinese artist Ai Weiwei said a Beijing court on Thursday rejected an appeal by the internationally acclaimed artist against a $2.4 million fine for tax evasion that he calls politically motivated.
19.09.2012 12:05 Laws, Initiatives
The Barack Obama administration asked a US appeals court Monday to overturn a recent ruling that struck down part of a controversial anti-terrorism law.
16.09.2012 13:03 Crime
The European Union made an appeal Thursday to stay the execution of a Pennsylvania man subjected to childhood abuse who is due to be put to death next month for killing two of his abusers.
31.08.2012 10:01 Politics
Ukraine's high court on Wednesday rejected jailed ex-premier Yulia Tymoshenko's appeal of her abuse of power conviction despite threats of being cut off from Western nations that view the case as political.
29.08.2012 17:22 Crime
Ukraine's high court rules Wednesday on former premier Yulia Tymoshenko's appeal against her seven-year jailing on charges the West views as President Viktor Yanukovych's political revenge.
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