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24.04.2015 13:53 Entertainment, Style
"Avengers" superhero actors Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans apologized for calling co-star Scarlett Johansson's character in the blockbuster movie a "slut."
12.11.2014 12:16 Entertainment, Style
Hip-hop star Nicki Minaj apologized and denied any Nazi sympathies after she came under criticism for imagery that resembled the Third Reich in a video.
29.10.2014 13:10 Politics
Spain prime minister apologised for corruption scandals involving members of his conservative Popular Party.
26.09.2014 13:40 Gadgets
Apple made a rare apology for a software bug that has seen iPhone users lose service.
25.09.2014 14:40 Politics
British Prime Minister David Cameron will apologise to Queen Elizabeth II in person.
26.08.2014 12:10 Politics
Australian tycoon Clive Palmer apologised for calling the Chinese government "mongrels" who "shoot their own people".
12.08.2014 14:53 Politics
Israeli President apologized for a remark by a foreign ministry spokesman calling the Latin American powerhouse a "diplomatic dwarf."
21.07.2014 12:17 Politics
British broadcaster Sky News apologised after one of its presenters searched through luggage at the crash site of downed flight MH17 live on air.
30.06.2014 10:58 Military
South Korean President Park Geun-Hye apologised Monday for a deadly front-line shooting rampage by an army conscript and called for a close look at abuses in barracks.
21.06.2014 20:03 Religion
Poland's powerful Catholic Church apologised for paedophilia committed by its priests during an unprecedented ceremony attended by top clergy and abuse victims.
18.06.2014 09:02 Politics
A Japanese cabinet minister apologised after appearing to suggest people in nuclear disaster-hit Fukushima could be persuaded to put up with contaminated waste if the government threw cash at them.
04.06.2014 12:17 Politics
The White House apologized for keeping lawmakers in the dark regarding the exchange of an American soldier for five Taliban fighters, senators said Tuesday, as controversy grew over the issue.
17.04.2014 14:27 Politics
Philippine President Benigno Aquino publicly apologised on Wednesday for failures in air conditioning at Manila airport, already named by an online travel guide as the world's worst.
29.03.2014 14:17 Politics
An embarrassed French minister has apologised to the head chef at the Elysee Palace after she was caught on camera describing the food at a China-France state dinner as "revolting".
30.01.2014 15:18 Politics
The Philippines insisted Thursday it would not apologise for a 2010 hostage crisis in which Hong Kong tourists died, saying its response to the tragedy had been generous and compassionate.
25.01.2014 12:10 Internet
Google apologized Friday after the Internet giant's widely used free email and an array of other services were disrupted by apparent software woes.
17.01.2014 17:54 Military
The Australian government apologised unreservedly to Jakarta on Friday after its navy "inadvertently" violated Indonesian waters during border security operations, but vowed to pursue its policies to halt asylum-seeker boats.
12.01.2014 17:33 Internet
Google apologised Friday after a major square in Berlin regained its Nazi-era name "Adolf Hitler" on its popular online Maps page for a few hours.
19.12.2013 16:16 Cinema, Music
A US-based Chinese news agency has apologized to award-winning actress Zhang Ziyi for claiming she slept with top Chinese officials for money and gifts, a publicist said Wednesday.
02.11.2013 10:05 People
McDonald's Japan issued an apology Friday after it was revealed one of its outlets had posted a notice banning homeless people for more than a year.
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