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Photo courtesy of the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan Grand airshow awaits Astana for Victory Day The Ministry of Defense is preparing a grand air show involving both modern and WWII aircraft for the Victory Day celebrations in Kazakhstan.
30 марта 2015
©Tengrinews Fresh out of reconstruction with cracks and dents: Uralsk landing strip Landing strip in Uralsk Airport has just passed the first stage of reconstruction. But after a few months it already has cracks and dents. Who is to blame? Is there anyone to blame at all?
21 марта 2015
Kazakhstan's graduates at the prom and graduation ceremony at Atlantic Flight Training Academy in ireland. ©Vladimir Prokopenko Air Astana to focus on Kazakh pilots Kazakhstan’s national airline Air Astana plans to increase the number of Kazakh pilots in the company.
06 марта 2015
Sole survivor undergoes surgeries as new details of plane crash in Kazakhstan emerge The only survivor of the plane crash in Kazakhstan's Zhambyl Oblast Asem Shayakhmetova is undergoing surgeries to her lower limbs, while the CEO of air company whose plane crashed speaks to the journalists.
22 января 2015
Photo courtesy of Mysterious airplane parts delivered to Aktau airport in Western Kazakhstan Disassembled airplanes of unclear origin have been delivered to the Aktau airport in Western Kazakhstan.
29 октября 2014
Aircraft Farmer 2 © Kazakhstan aircraft assembly plant loses trust and gets sued Kazakhstan's first aircraft plant Sunkar has again failed on its promises. MVEN aircraft developer has filed a lawsuit.
15 октября 2014
US-led strikes hit IS oil targets as Britain joins coalition US aircraft were flying "near continuous" bombing raids against Islamic State militants in Syria.
27 сентября 2014
Sukhoi Su-27. Photo courtesy of  © Military aircraft crashes in Kazakhstan A military aircraft has crashed in Kazakhstan's Almaty Oblast killing both pilots. Causes are being investigated and the issue of air security in Kazakhstan is once again at the forefront.
26 сентября 2014
Photo © Air Astana press office Russia provides Air Astana with route to fly around Ukrainian fighting zones Russian aviation authorities have issued a permit to Kazakhstan’s Air Astana airlines to fly to Kiev bypassing the Ukrainian battle zones.
01 августа 2014
Embassy of Ukraine in Astana, Kazakhstan. Ukrainian Embassy in Kazakhstan: airplane crash is Russian terrorist attack The Embassy of Ukraine in Kazakhstan has made a statement about the tragic crash of the Malaysian Arilines MH17 flight that claimed lives of 298 people.
28 июля 2014
Air Algerie crash wipes out entire families All passengers and crew on board an Air Algerie jetliner that crashed in Mali died in the tragedy, which completely wiped out several families, France announced.
26 июля 2014
© Air Algerie flight seen 'falling' in northern Mali A missing Air Algerie plane with 116 people on board was seen 'falling' in the region of Gossi, in northern Mali.
25 июля 2014
Farmer-2 agricultural plane © High-flying hopes of nonexistent planes in Kazakhstan The first aircraft plant in Kazakhstan has not produced a single flying plane. Why?
24 июля 2014
Photo courtesy of Malaysia Airlines plane brought down by mistake: US intelligence officials Malaysia Airlines MH17 plane may have been shot down by mistake by pro-Russian militants, said a U.S Intelligence official.
23 июля 2014
Grandmother Jamillah Noriah Abd Anuar shows photos of her family that perished in the MH17 crush. Photo © Zulazhar Sheblee/The Star MH17 crash: tragedy of Malaysian family A family of 6 Malaysians coming from Kazakhstan died in the MH17 flight crush.
19 июля 2014
Photo © Air Astana changes routes to avoid crossing Ukrainian air space Kazakhstani airlines company Air Astana will change the routes of some of its flights away from Ukrainian airspace.
19 июля 2014
Nazarbayev expresses condolences to Malaysians: MH17 crash President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev expressed his condolences to Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak and Malaysians who lost their loved ones in the crash of the MH17 flight in Ukraine.
18 июля 2014
Ukrainian plane hit by missile, say villagers on Russia border Two men lean on the smouldering wreckage of a Ukrainian airforce plane. They poke among the debris, looking for anything of value. Using an iron bar, one of them moves a Kalashnikov rifle to reveal what appears to be a charred human limb.
15 июля 2014
Photo courtesy of Assemgul Khassenova New Air Kazakhstan airplanes presented in Astana Bombardier Aerospace has presented a Q400 NextGen airplane in Astana. Kazakhstan is planning to purchase several of those for its new airlines.
08 июля 2014
Photo © Airplanes from Slovenia seized by customs in Karaganda Customs in Kazakhstan's Karaganda have seized a batch of single engine airplanes from Eastern Europe.
07 июля 2014

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